Thursday, January 22, 2009

you've seen better, so do I.

I can't see that its been a wonderful day. I was moody, maybe because of the exhaustion.

Couldn't get proper sleep last night. My roommates were talking about their FEELINGS in the DARK, with me sleeping in the middle. It had me snickering and somehow I got involved. Its kinda funny when men talk about their feelings, really.

Woke up in the morning. Went to class. Didnt get to my presentation for Ms. Vovi's class thus giving more opportunity for further improvements. However, I butchered my lesson plan critique with Mdm Lim. The feedback was a disaster. I've seen worst comments but it just happened on a wrong day.

My finance is pretty slow lately. My laptops busted (overheats up to 98 degrees in 10 mins if din have my cooler). My sister texted me, asking to fix her laptop. I'm tired. I need a shave. I want to play basketball (but my timetable does not allow me to). Staying optimistic seems to be a constant challenge for me - maybe because I was hardly an optimistic guy in the first place but change happens. Whinewhinewhinewhine.......

I don't want to be moody. I want to greet people with a smile. A sincere one too.

Someone cheer me up. There's a free "totally sincere smile" in it for you if you do.

We gunna bust yo ass cuz this shit is real


Anonymous said...

take it easy huzen.. it has been a rough couple of weeks for all of us.. assgnmnts coming our way like we're made to serve them.. just b glad the 1 week break is coming up.. i know we'll b bz with work, but, it won't b stressful..

p/s: can i have the grammar bat? my grammar class is super dull.. haih..

Zen said...

holiday without money!


Nice try. You still get a smile but I'll work on the "sincere" part.

p/s: bout the bat, its suppose to beat the broken english shit out of us. Plus the minor side effects of bleeding and internal damages.

RiEn_Akio said...

Hehehe... Ok, mayb it's too late 4 me to say anything nw, but... mayb u can "keep it 4 future use/ref/watevr-u-wanna-call-it"...

(It may be long, so prepare urself...)

1. This is one of those times when you WON'T be able to give the "sincere smiles" (but yeah, keep wrking on it...) instead, u'll give a smile of gratitude to those who try to cheer u up(don't u?)Which is also ok...

2. Greeting others with a smile or listening to their probs evn when u feel there are black clouds revolving abv ur head is ok; u're still being nice/sensible. (Don't burden urself too much abt their probs (if u tend to do so...) coz they're the ones who'll have to face them... like hw u're gonna face urs... So, think of cheering urself up too, evn if that means hving ur friends listening 2 ur "whining". Adil, kan?)

3. Changes happen. No matter hw small it may be, it does happen... So, prepare urself MENTALLY and deal with it... (PLUS a "back-up plan")...esp. when it gives u the "surprise-attack" technique...

K, that's I can say 4 nw... These are just "rants" frm a friend... It's ur choice on wat to do with it... Ok? ^_^

P/S: "No matter how u wish to stop n rest in a snowstorm, u nvr really did so... because u know u'll freeze to death..." That's hw life is...

pnnz said...

i maybe too late but maybe i'm not. since the holidays is almost over, i'm sure u'll be very busy again.

my busy time will start in 2 weeks i guess. its funny how i don't need to commute so far to go to class here but im much more tired now compared to last year.

o, i must stop here. but i have a suggestion for you.
sometimes it works for me.

1. ask yourself "What is the best thing that anyone could do for me right now?"

for myself the answer is usually 'my assignment!' 'my laundry!' 'see the doctor!' 'studying!'

2. answer the question

3. now you've got the answer, you do it yourself.

just try it. sometimes cheating yourself can be productive ;-)

Zen said...

1. the best thing anyone could do: ditch everything take me out for some fun.

2. Which I didn't. Spent at home being moody.