Wednesday, January 27, 2010



the following changes have been made:

- added shoutbox to sidebar due to peer pressure.

- changed sidebar pictures

- removed pictures of breasts from sidebar, replaced by PSP Red.

- added new category: youtube of the day

- tried changing fonts. something went wrong. back to defaults.

- tried changing background colours. looked a bit gay. back to default.

- added music box. the page became annoying and increased load time.

- music box removed.

Monday, January 25, 2010

James@War - Owl City Parody

James@War is a youtube artist who has made a number of entertaining parodies, combining popular songs and pop-culture. like talking about bad grammar a la "the way I are" by timbaland. but sometimes "the message is more important than teh Lolz". When I first realized this video wasn't funny, i thought he just made another crap.

Well, he didn't. And it isn't. It wasn't meant to be funny. Its true.

It reminds me of the things I've seen in that celebrity channel. it reminds of those immoral, ungrateful, snobbish and unbelievably rich teenagers in My Sweet Sixteen. It reminds me of their parents. it reminds of how other people who talk about "keeping up with the latest fashion" and how it is making them insecure. And it reminds me of how famous people with ridiculous amount of money say what is cool for us and what is not. It reminds of how people today idolize celebrities, a bit too much, over people who have made significant contributions to their lives - but never earned enough airtime on television.

Above all, it reminds me of how very "material"(or materialistic) we are.

p/s: oh, just in case your audio goes "blarg-blarg", here are the lyrics:

You would not believe your eyes
If I got a big surprise
And I threw a fit on my sweet sixteen

Cause nothing is good enough
And plastic surgery is tough
But I need to look
Good when in the buff

Since Im a big celebrity
The Earth revolves around me
Your disdain for my arrogance
Wont squelch my vanity
Cause Im oblivious to all but me

To ten million twitter fans
Ill tweet about clothing brands
And about how none of you are in style

So youll go and buy my things
And Ill go and buy more bling
So while you get poor
I get richer all the while

Since Im a big celebrity
You simply must adore me
Subconsciously youll bow to my
Cause Im the cream of this society

My perfect make-up and perfect hair
(They look pretty normal under there)
Will make you all think you cant compare
(But thats not the truth hope youre aware)
And since my fantastic lifes so full
(Of drugs, fights, divorce, and alcohol)
Youll place me up on a pedestal

So Ill tend to scandalize
And youll tend to idolize
And you think lifes just about things and wealth

A model for all our youth
Youll take what I say as truth
And not realize its best to just be yourself

Since I have more money than you
I matter more than you do
And you should do whatever I
Or my friends tell you to
Cause thinking for yourself is so uncool

Yeah, Id like to make you all believe
That you should be just like me
So dont aspire to live or think
And one day youll be empty just like me

Saturday, January 23, 2010

butterfly effect

Humans are inquisitive beings. We question things and ask questions. We do insist, even when there are things that are not meant to be questioned. but you know how it goes: there will that isolated case where one does. if one really insists, one must be truly committed in finding the answers. Being half-hearted in pursuing those answer can lead to catastrophic consequences. Sometimes, so is when you finally found the answer.

i guess its nothing unusual to have secrets. everybody have secrets. there are things that you just can't tell others. And there some things in particular that you absolutely can't have anyone know, including those close and dear to you.

Ever had a secret you thought you must never tell anyone - no-one and everyone? A secret you thought might change your very life 180' on all 3 dimensions? A secret that cause ripples across the fabric of society itself, destroying not only you but all that everyone knew and ever believed in? Or a secret so unacceptable that it will only destroy you and all that is evidence to who you were and have been?

i hope that none who are reading this are carrying that burden.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

hypocritic oath

"one may change his or her belief and principles whenever it is convenient"

at least hypocrites can have some sort of integrity.