Saturday, January 10, 2009


Today, I took my sister (she's continuing her study in Uitm Sek. 2 starting this semester) along with me out to town for a little tutorial on how to get around using the local means of transportation. I decided to hit the Youth 09 convention, because I haven't actually attended any conventions other than a PC Fair and that K-Based society convention which I never understood until this day.

It didn't turn out as I expected. Many attended but not as many as I thought there would be. Maybe we just came at the wrong time. There was a battle of bands when we arrived at the event. There was a display of pimped out rides and other stuff.

Then, there is the "people who like to play dress up" section. Hey, who am I to judge, right? It was quite entertaining to watch them go at it. They were so passionate about the whole character impersonation stuff that one of them DIDN'T BREAK CHARACTER offstage and even after the event is over.

Dats kinda freaky

My sister said this guy had won three or more times in other similar events, both in Malaysia and Singapore. He's the guy who never broke out of character.

Sailormoon yg trip hot. Konon. Hehe.

There were also other stuff in Youth 09. There were Hot Fm doing a live broadcast of the event. There were snakes. Guitar Hero III was a popular. Most booths (regardless of purpose) threw in some Guitar Hero to attract the crowd.

cockfighting the ball to the death

There were also grafitting wooden boards

....oh, yeah there were snakes too.

...and scorpions.

Honestly, I wished there was more. I'm going to miss the third day of the event because that's when the have the game talk and competition. It just feels unfulfilled. It didn't live up to its "10,491 attendees" signpost.


♥ Aisyah Sinclair ♥ said...

eyh huzen,

bestnye Youth 09 Convention tu. Diaorang menyamar sbg japanese anime eyh?

Zen said...


its called cosplay.

Kinda dissapointing, I'd say.
because i hoped there was more.

Anonymous said...

ur sis looks just like u!

Zen said...

well, YEAH.

Its genetics. xcept that she's shorter.