Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Those eyes
They are just eyes
and they're beautiful.

The hair
They are just hair
And they're beautiful.

The skin
They are just skin
a bit blemished but
they are beautiful.

Those lips
They are just lips
Not like cherry
just lips
And they are beautiful.

is as they should be
nothing more, nothing less
and they are beautiful.

When every part compliment each other and fits in as they should, there is no need for exaggeration. True beauty needs none of them.


RiEn_Akio said...

hw true... hehe...

but if everyone thinks like dat, William Shakespear'll be out of a job... LOL


Jessica_Lyne said...

a beautiful piece of wisdom but sadly irrelevant to most people nowadays.

Amanda Christine Wong said... forgot to mention eyebrows...well-trimmed though-unibrows are sad.

Zen said...

o yea.

eyesbrows. I thought they came in one set with the eyes.