Thursday, July 28, 2011


here's an opportunity: to buy 5 of the hippest indie games at dirt cheap prices and, wait for it, contribute to charity. Humble Bundle has recently collaborated with several indie gaming's renowned developers and got together for the 3rd Humble Bundle (means there were 2 bundles i did not know of). Games included in the bundle: VVVVVV (catchy 8-bit soundtrack), Crayon Physics Deluxe (doodle to win FTW), Cogs (great puzzles FTW), Hammerfight and And Yet It Moves.

What makes this sale so special? For starters, YOU GET TO DECIDE HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO PAY FOR THE FIVE GAMES. Seriously I could not believe it myself, at first. $10. $1. you can even opt to pay for just 50 cents (and it can go even lower than that, you shameless cheapskate). Non-promotion price for all five may range from $40 - $50. Even better you have the privilege to determine how much of your payment goes to the developer, how much goes to the charity funds (Child's Play , Electronic Frontier Foundation) and how much you'd like to tip Humble Bundle. Now that's power to the buyer.

To sweeten the deal, the 5 games you're getting will be DRM-free (that's Digital Rights Management for you). Meaning? Once you buy it, the games are yours. No internet connection required, no time limit for downloads, install them anywhere and as many times as you like, make copies, make backups and even redeem them from your existing STEAM and DESURA accounts. the amount freedom you're getting is as good as owning a pirated copy (but better, IMO. You're eligible for online support from the devs). You'll not only feel good for not stealing the labour of love from generous indie devs  - you'll also feel good about yourself for contributing to charity.

As the time of typing this post, there's about 13 days left before the bundle ends.

p/s: a revelation. statistics shown in the site shows that Windows users are a bunch of cheap ass gamers. The average purchase price for Linux users: $11.00. Mac users: $6.33. Windows users: $3.83. Well, it is for charity after all.

Monday, July 25, 2011

photos. i got them photos

any title i can think of for this post would end up sounding pretentious and would detract a bit from the overall theme. I'd like to say: i had quite a sublime weekend. Sitting on the platform having lunch while watching the schools of colourful fishies swimming below. took some photo while fiddling around with my housemate's D7000. Above is a picture taken from a beach on the island. the fence in the left contains an isolated grave. its quite romantic to have been buried on the beach. However, the lighting makes it extra creepy. its like we were going to notice some ghostly image after a while looking at it.

Took the chance to test them Cold Steel folders, Left: Rajah III, mini kukri in your pocket. Right: Recon 1 tanto, extremely durable and highly recommended. Yeah, I knot the lanyard myself. DIY. Or DIM, to be exact.

I think the view in this photo is awesome. Is it me, the photographer, who is awesome? Or is it just the camera? (sad horn)

In the night, I had the opportunity to witness a spider successfully stalking and preying on a mole cricket. It feels like I'm doing some NatGeo footage.

 I think this the time when it finally noticed me prying on its privacy. Shame on me. then, it slowly moved backwards to make away with its prize.

with stuff like this, it makes one wonder why so many people want out of this island. I don't plan on settling down here in this island. well, i figured if I'm going to be stuck here for a while I might as well enjoy it.

FYI, photos are raw. Peace out.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


hey peeps. been away for some time. been busy i can tell ya that.

i suck at a lot of things. one of them is relationships. i'm not gonna talk about how i suck at keeping a relationship. i totally suck at starting one.

there's, like, a pattern: i hit on a girl and i'm all charming-like. We start out ok, getting to know each other and stuff. Then, as the momentum builds up, i started acting weird. she freaks out. i freak out. it goes downhill from there. its all jumbled up in a mixed-feelings du jour. it seems as if i couldn't stay likeable long enough to make it through the early phases.

just last week i flirted with a girl during some outstation. the way she responded was not promising but still very positive. yet, somehow i felt really guilty that i did. guilt\? how did that happened? isnt it supposed to be small amounts joy with a bit of giddyness and glee? this is somehow fucked up and it obvious that i have issues.

maybe it means i'm still not ready to be romantically involved. or maybe i should jump on the opportunity whenever it arises? i don't know this is all so confusing gosh.

i guess at this age its pretty common to have people tell you to get marry and stuff. Even my boss tell me that I should get married. but its all just social pressure and should give them the same answer as always: "When the time comes". (surprisingly, it kinda works across various situations. like "when are you going to do [activitiy A]?")

on an unrelated note, i sifted through my unpublished posts draft and i saw a post titled "akmal farahatul wahida". the contents were empty. i sure don't remember writing that one and i can't remember knowing anyone who goes by that name either. i guess i'll just delete that. or maybe just check what its all about later.