Monday, January 12, 2009

A big waste of money and a mixed blessing

Me and eric went for some shopping lately. Much thanks to Tajul for his suggestion in the previous post, unfortunately, I didn't manage to get my hands on the 350. So, I settled for some other models. The worst part of shopping for me is that I always get stuck between between two choices.
Whats the word for it?.....



I hate it. Thank god Eric was there to prevent any further nervous breakdown. My indecisiveness has caused us to spend an extended time around the plaza, walking back and forth - up and down trying to make up my mind. Take this: both were at the same price and they were both great headphones. One was Plantronics 610 and the other one is a Steelseries 4H. You can't imagine how hard it was for me. Its just like what I was taught in economics. Choices made because of limited resources. I have limited money and I could only afford one. I almost screamed.

After so much deliberation, I went with the Steelseries 4H. Why? Like the packaging says: 40 mm audio drivers, 28,000 hz response frequence (means greater sound range so you wont get cracking audio), and a retractable mic (not foldable, imagine "pull out push in"). Most important factor is that it is a pair of fucking STEELSERIES! Yes, I know that sounded shallow and snobbish but I am kinda sucked by this brand thingy. I feel like a teenage girl who is looking at a pair of shoes she really really likes.

Here's a few photos. they not really a looker but they do the job well:

My only concern about the thing is that it looks rather fragile

I'm going take care of this new very much. If any of the other guys decided that they want to watch some movie or listen to their music, the moment they look in my direction, I'll say:


In an unrelated event, in the evening on the same day I went out for some exercise for the first time after one and a half semester. Me and the guys went for basketball in the Intec court. I was really totally winded. I should exercise more. Later, we ran into Juliana and her friend in distress, Izzati. They lost the keys to the security lock of their scooter. I went back home to get some pliers and let the guys take care the rest.

That night, we were treated to some fried chicken which we saved for midnight snacking (because they were grateful of course).

So much for exercise.

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