Friday, January 09, 2009

The Human Paradox

The human paradox. They are truly unique. Truly precious. And sometimes very special and rare. They are the ones who possess both opposing qualities. Having both sides of the coin does not mean they are in the middle of everything. It just means they have both. These paradoxes can be described like the following:

You are
Humble yet very bold and proud
Delicate yet strong and resilient
Innocent yet experienced
Green but wise
Reckless but prudent and calculating
You can take a man down, and bring him up again.

Should you have met, known or even befriended a paradox: consider yourself blessed. They have the best of both worlds.


theroyalcrapster said...

oh Lord! i like elliot smith too! and angeles is my all-time fave song. but the one u have there is the cover version right? sounds a bit "sengau", hehe. anyways, glad u like him, he's a genius. a real genius with music. god, i can go on and on about him. haha.

and yeah, i'd really like to meet a human paradox. it would be really awesome seeing both the two worlds existing in one person. coolness.

and oh, hv u listened to behind the bar by him? that is another masterpiece. a true legend.

hmm i think he could be one of the human paradoxes, but he's too "damaged" to be both jolly and sad. he's way beyond sad.

Zen said...

saw him in youtube. He's kinda good. Especially with the guitar.

Heard he died of suicide. Which is doubtful because report says he died with a stab wound on his chest.

I'll give that song a try.

the wise will see the human paradox as a precious treasure.

Zen said...


I think you are one of those people.