Thursday, August 28, 2008


I can't say I had a rough day but I sure feel a bit exhausted with everything. French class quite a drab. I don't blame the lecturer. She's a great lecturer and she's loved by many. Its just that I'm not really in the mood to learn anything today. So, I discovered a weaver ant scurrying about my desk and decided to play with the little thing.

Recently, I've uncovered the Macro function on my cameraphone. What it does is that it enhances the images of small objects in photos. Setting the Macro has the camera auto-focuses on a small target objects. It great for taking shots of miniature objects or if you're looking for detail in texture.

I think I just got a good shot from this angle (I'm using this photo as my wallpaper)

It seems to be agitated and ready to squirt formic acid into my eyes.

Its quite aggressive, even when it is alone. This reminds of an experience of being caught in an angry swarm.

I would also like to spread the news that a family member of our Sociolinguistics lecturer has finally met The Almighty. Al-fathihah. We were supposed to have our test today.

I hate myself because someone had to pass away so that I could get another 2 hours of sleep and another chance to prepare myself for a test I couldn't get myself adequately prepared for.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Is that...? Not the same song again....make it stop...

Its funny how the most pleasant of all things - and feelings - can be the most painful gut-wrenching affliction any man (and woman) can suffer. How many people out there who's been through the same thing over and over again, and how many have sworn that they would never do it again?

How many lonely and sleepless nights? All the lies and the fights? And you'd think, "why the hell would anyone would put themselves through that again?"

You say it is painful. You say it is cruel and bitter. And the way it pays you back for all the faith you had in your brain.

How can this be the one you say you need the most? When it leaves you feeling like a ghost and there you are wanting to never be sad and lost again.

There's simply no immunity. It could happen to you like it happened to me. There's no guarantee.

Then someone would ask you (or you yourself), "What do you have?" And you would say "I have a lot. But I have nothing to offer - according to you and possibly me".

Then someone would ask, "Who are you?" And you would say, "I'm just a guy. She's everyone's sweetheart. I'm just a guy. That's all you, them and her would ever see. Just another guy having a go at it." Just another guy.

So another would ask, "should we care?". And you would say, "Do you want to care? I dont think you should. After all, I'm just a guy. Who is having go at it. Should be of no significance at all. You probably have something more important to do."

They would again ask you "Does this mean you're backing out? Giving up?" And you, with your face held up high, reply, "Common sense tells me that I should, given the odds. Then again, I couldnt possibly do that. It feels so right that I would be so much of an ass to give this one up. I could end up in regret and being miserable but thats not a big deal. The bigger deal is that you don't find something like this everyday. Not even in years. It comes in what you call "once in a lifetime".

"Its not because of the good prospects, the beauty or the perfection of it. Its simply because it feels so right. And it happens when the least I expected. Caught off guard. I'm not sure if there's any way to explain these in those things you call "words" or those bunch you call "language" but the only way I could make you understand is for you to experience it yourself. Now that's problem: because when it happens to you, I couldn't possibly comprehend the gibberish of what you're explaining because it is a sensation so UNIQUE, so SPECIAL, for people other than you to understand."

Its that song again. Its so beautiful. Now, listening to it made the sensation grew stronger.

This thing deep inside of me is starting to swell, bloat and about to explode. I'm not sure how long I can stay sane considering the circumstances. And I'm not really good at hiding things.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Something to remember

Sure reminds me of something sweet. Sweet Memories.

Somehow, I felt that what happened that night was sweet. And Cute.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To make your day

lIm kinda bored. I should be writing about something important (whether I genuinely care or not. Most of the time not). So today im just gonna list down a couple of smacktalk I learned over the time ever since I've been a gamer.
Smacktalk is the art of telling people off, while in the heat of competition. You could use it to taunt people, insult them, or just annoy them. They say if you want to smacktalk, smacktalk like a gentleman. A gentleman is three things (1) Polite, (2) Grammatically Correct and (3) A gentleman.

1. You remind me of ghey.
2. Kiss dogs with tongue and everything.
3. Banana Stench Monkey Salt licker.
4. Your mom.
5. Someone who sucks called, they want their skills back.
6. *honk honk* is that the schoolbus? (referring to the noobschoolbus)
7. You just got schooled.
8. I just saw on CNN/Fox News on how good you are.
9. If I'd be you, I'd be losing.
10. You Uncoordinated Ball of Ghey
11. Holla Holla get Dolla
12. Are you on the keyboard?
13. I can only take you to water.
14. I think you should take the controller from your mum.
15. Are you playing the same game as I am?

There's probably a lot more which I couldn't remember. A taunt is effective when either two happens: (1) the taunted has no idea what you're saying and feels seriously stupid about himself, (2) The taunted gets the the idea of what you're saying and is strongly gobsmacked by it.

I should post about the local version I always use.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Topic for dicussion: The Noob Effect

Issues in gaming and entertainment from a pro gamer point of view. Its a bit vulgar and non-sensical. May seems like a ripoff from The Punctuation Effect. Watch this video:

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Television just got spanked!

Its here! OMG! It Finally Here! OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!

Pure Pwnage Episode 17 has finally went out for online viewing. Pure Pwnage is one of the best webshows ever made by two Physics students. I wish TV could be this good. In case you're wondering what Pure Pwnage is like, I've added a video in this post.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I think I just made a new word. The word is:


It is derived from the combination of two words: What & Why.

This is silly. The word itself sounds silly. I shouldnt be making new words when there's actually no real purpose of doing so. I feel bad.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Guys, Listen to Me: There is NO Chain.

Recently, i went out for lunch with a female friend of mine at 18. We talked about her recent relationship which turned out rather badly. Honestly, I really think that this was it. Her relationship with this guy could really work this time. The guy had what it takes plus he is ready and willing for the big "commitment". I think everything was set in the right places: she got to know his family and he got to know hers, he has a solid stable job, and they were in love.

But its sad how everything turned out NOT like how we hope them to be. They had an argument over the phone (this was not unusual, mind you). Everything was as the "usual" until he said those words:

"You know. You're JUST LIKE HER"

...and that was it. It hit her really hard. Thats when she finally had to draw the line, which she did reluctantly. She know and I know that the man had a bad history in relationship but that was not the point.

The man was living in his past. He compared her to his previous flame. Or he was hoping that she was her. I learned a very valuable lesson in our conversation:

"A new love is a new story everytime. No matter how vague or similar the circumstances are, they are different. She is different. They are not the same person no matter how identical they may be."

The past are not supposed to linger in the present. But that doesnt mean they should be forgotten. We should learn from the past and it should give us something to think about. The past should never burden you. You should never hurt your other half just because you were hurt by someone else.

BTW, she's doing fine at the moment and she's taking a break from having any relationship whatsoever. Please guys. Dont let it get it to you.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

I'm learning? WOW!

I learned something new today. And im going share to you what I've learned:

How to pick locks (padlocks)

You're going to need two paperclips. Bend em like shown in the following photos.

You bend 'em as close as you can. Leave the gap as little as you can. This is the Wrench.

You bend the other at 90 degree angle. This is the Shim (I think).

Insert the wrench on the bottom (notchless side) as deep as possible. Apply some tension with your thumb. Be careful, not too strong.

Then, insert the Shim on the notch side as deep as you can.

While holding the tension on the Wrench, rock your Shim so it knocks up and down. This is the trickiest part so you'll need to figure this out on your own.

It takes some effort to get it done. Voila!!! You just picked a lock! Congratulations and pat yourself at the back or head.

p/s: difficulty may vary from lock to lock because of tread and notch variety. And this method applies to the conventional padlocks (not including square key padlocks).

p/s/s: I may not be responsible for break-ins. Use knowledge at your own discretion. Im deleting this post as soon as break-in reports starts to skyrocket.

p/s/s/s: The internet is serious. You could learn a lot from the web, you are responsible for your own actions.

p/s/s/s/s: I just learned something awesome. Its awesome. No. Yes, it is. No. Shut up.

Sounds like English to me

I just learned a new word today:


It is an imaginary ambulance that could rescue from incessant whining from trivial matters.

E.g.: "Better call the whambulance. Stacy broke her nail again."

It may also come in the form of WHAMBURGER: imaginary food given to people who whine 24/7.

E.g.: "So what he cheated you and ran off with your friend? Do you want some whamburger and some french cries?"