Thursday, January 29, 2009

Re: Beautiful

To compare one's beauty to inanimate objects is almost an injustice. Or a total injustice, at all.

When I said that "love that comes from intellectual stimulation", I was not merely saying that intellectual beauty is limited to one's wisdom and/or intelligence. It is not limited to the popular mantra "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". It is not just beauty of what the eyes can see, the hands could touch. It is beyond.

There are two ways/ideas of how you yourself can perceive beauty, ones that will actually lead to attraction. First, the prescribed perception. Common indeed. As the name suggests, it is what we were lead to believe as beautiful. I'm not saying it is wrong or inaccurate. It is important considering that our growth is influenced by factors subjected in one's environment.

Second; an idea which I would like to emphasize, stress, focus, centre, forward or any word that gives it a higher sense of importance for that matter; is the perception that you discover for yourself. Its about what you have come to realize. Its what you realize what you appreciate the most. Its what you realize will never fade. Its what you realize what moves you. Its what makes you realize, up to this point, what your life have been leading you to. It what you realize as a story which is yours and what others wish was theirs.

Back to the mantra "beauty as seen by the beholder", I would like to point out that beauty is a collective registry of the senses. Your senses does not only register the object of beauty but the things around them and those things which surrounds the beholder. It is a higher level of consciousness and/or a higher an elevated sense of alertness. Its something words can't find enough to describe, true, but the best I could do; "it is beyond senses because it is the experience of the mind which supersedes at an elevated consciousness". (You see. The problem with subjective questions as such is words are insufficient and, to a point, almost irrelevant).

To understand, you would have to be capable of self-discovery and to be blessed with opportunities.

I am truly blessed. I am one of those blessed few who are privilleged enough to witness "beauty". "Beauty" which made words irrelevant and an experience for the mind. The kind of beauty which led me to believe the worlds isn't as bleak like what I was led to believe. To be honest, I am also envious. It is beauty that I had never thought possible to exist in a person. To believe that one's is blessed by the Almighty to be beautiful. I'm like an archaeologist who finally discovered an entire lost city. I'm like a distraught man who finally solved a piece of the universe. To not share my discovery is like commiting crime. Like being oblivious to the needs of the needy. Selfish. I'm struggling with the right words to describe what I am feeling.

The previous post is meant to be ended with:

"Beauty is the sum of all parts"

Beautiful is the equation of plus/minus. Its not how perfect each part is. Its how each part compliment each other.

p/s: If you realize a person who is beautiful, never use vain words such as "pretty" or other words that ends with the contemptous "-licious" or what-not. "Beautiful" is a simple word and it can be amplified with how you really feel. Tell her, today. Today.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Those eyes
They are just eyes
and they're beautiful.

The hair
They are just hair
And they're beautiful.

The skin
They are just skin
a bit blemished but
they are beautiful.

Those lips
They are just lips
Not like cherry
just lips
And they are beautiful.

is as they should be
nothing more, nothing less
and they are beautiful.

When every part compliment each other and fits in as they should, there is no need for exaggeration. True beauty needs none of them.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

Ice Tea feat. Huzen

Scene: Faculty of Education, Tec 1. Late afternoon. Air-conditioner is busted. The breeze from an electric fan was impeded by girls sitting in front. Sweat starting to drip like drops of dew on a leaf. A parched sensation felt in throat. Mdm. Norshiha's lecture slowly reduced to an incoherent, gibberish, garbled noise.

*Cue funky music

So hot ah ah
Sweating to the balls, yeah.
Its getting so hot ah ah
Too hot for me ah ah

Its getting hot in here, I wanna drink some ICE TEA (*vibrato on the "ICE TEA" part*)
(I am getting so HOT, I wanna get some ice tea) x3

*Cue: Footage of water splashing into a tall glass, like in drink commercials. Hazel brown essence of tea diffuses into water as teabag is dipped (the brand was obscured because the singer wasn't paid to advertise. But it was good tea). Ice cannon-balled into the glass. (While the concoction was, well, "concocted"; I am in a trance-like dance as if I was bathing in the delightful estatic brew). note: the dance is supposed to be "provocative". Pshhhhh!!!

Feel it ah ah (*presses cold glass on face*)
Sip it ah ah
Work it ah ah (*rubs cold glass from top of my body to bottom, as tea works its way through my throat*)
Sip some more ah ah
Cant get enough ah ah

*repeat until fade....

Can you feel it? Ahhhh....
Feel me bebeh!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

you've seen better, so do I.

I can't see that its been a wonderful day. I was moody, maybe because of the exhaustion.

Couldn't get proper sleep last night. My roommates were talking about their FEELINGS in the DARK, with me sleeping in the middle. It had me snickering and somehow I got involved. Its kinda funny when men talk about their feelings, really.

Woke up in the morning. Went to class. Didnt get to my presentation for Ms. Vovi's class thus giving more opportunity for further improvements. However, I butchered my lesson plan critique with Mdm Lim. The feedback was a disaster. I've seen worst comments but it just happened on a wrong day.

My finance is pretty slow lately. My laptops busted (overheats up to 98 degrees in 10 mins if din have my cooler). My sister texted me, asking to fix her laptop. I'm tired. I need a shave. I want to play basketball (but my timetable does not allow me to). Staying optimistic seems to be a constant challenge for me - maybe because I was hardly an optimistic guy in the first place but change happens. Whinewhinewhinewhine.......

I don't want to be moody. I want to greet people with a smile. A sincere one too.

Someone cheer me up. There's a free "totally sincere smile" in it for you if you do.

We gunna bust yo ass cuz this shit is real

Monday, January 19, 2009

Let's replace it with "rolling balls" or "batons"...

Sahara passed me the baton / rolled the ball to me.

Now, I'm passing the baton / rolling my balls (whoa!) on to you.

Your instructions:

Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you.
At the end, select a few people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.
Don't forget to leave a comment (''You're tagged!'') and to read your blog.
You can't tag the person who tagged you.
Since you can't tag me, let me know when you've posted your blog, so I can see your weirdness.

1. I like to smell what I am eating.
2. I move a lot in my sleep.
3. I am a toilet person and a toilet reader. Back in sem 4, I finished 60% of Adrian Mole and To Sir with Love during my toilet times. The rest before going to bed.
4. I can be very oblivious, especially during lectures.
5. I like my celery with peanut butter.
6. I'm always out of style. Yes, I'm terribly oblivious towards fashion and I intend to keep it simple. (budak kampung ba!)
7. Always in a dilemma. Torn between two or more options. It always kills me to choose.
8. A terrible leader because I always "take my sweet time" (Ms. Vovi said that)
9. One of the cruelest questions you could ask me, "Am I pretty?" or "Is she pretty?". I find it difficult to answer. I could only answer when I'm really sure. There are other questions as well.
10. I have beautiful hair. Haha. But not anymore.
11. I like clean toilets. Especially the ones so clean I could sleep in it.
12. Hate Harry Potter. Don't ask why.
13. I aim to live the simple life.
14. Its easy for me to lose track of things. I often forgot what I was trying to say in the first place.
15. I like my veggies.
16. I am not a good person. Honestly.

the "balls" go to:

1) Aisyah
2) Jess
3) Tajul
4) Amanda
5) Gegurl
6) Hafriz
7) Izza
8) Frens, it would be awesome if you could roll the "ball". So just go ahead leave a comment.

Why I chose the above? Just for the sake of choosing. They're probably tired of being tagged.

Emotional Outburst


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Read my lips (or this title): Live in Malaysia


Jason Mraz In Malaysia this coming March!

The problem is that it is on a Wednesday night. Oh, gosh, CHOICES!

Honestly, I've never been to a real concert before (maybe because the idea of being trapped in the middle of an ocean full with sweaty people, plus the "crowdedness" is such a turn off).
This could be, or, THIS IS the only chance I have to go and attend a concert featuring one of the most talented musician of all time. Lets hope I don't have any presentations or tests +/- 2 days before the show. Oh, gosh. Should I buy now? Should I?

Why God? WHy?!! This is truly a difficult test that you have placed upon your powerless servant. Its one dilemma after another. And another.


Details here:


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let's Go!

My enormous gratitude to the Almighty, Allah S.W.T, for blessing with a life like no other. Its a great for us rise from our state of vegetation and into emerge into the sun like newborns hatching out of their eggs, as the rays of the sun imbues warmth to our slimy substance of life.

If the Day was a person, I'd ask him as I rise up from the comforts of remaining vegetative:

"Day, watcha got? How many gifts will I receive? How many surprises will catch up to me? How will it go? Because I'm gonna take you on."

He'd probably reply:

"It is important for you to be aware everyday - not just the Mondays and the other routine days. Pay attention to the sun, the clouds, the trees and the people you see everyday. It's you. You create your own adventure. I'm just here to provide you the setting. The pieces are all there. You create your own adventure day after day.
You make it happen."

Here we go.

p/s: I've included a cool acoustic rendition of "Make it Mine" in the playlist - which is the soundtrack for the rest of the day and beyond.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Asian Beauty

I'm pretty much glad that the literature subjects we have this semester are a great change from the previous ones we had. Not just we discussed about the regular literary elements (y'know, the usual character, theme, setting routine. blehhh), we also discussed what makes the genre.

In Asian Literature, the primary focus is not to study asian written literature but to study what makes them Asian. Discussions get more intellectual as we drop the secondary school routine of analyzing text; into studying and scrutinizing cultural backgrounds. One of them is the Asian Norm.

One part of the discussion has taken me in great interest: the asian beauty. If we look at our own society, the most prominent aspect of one's beauty (women, specifically) is the fairness of one's skin. It depends on how "white" you are. Don't believe me? Try asking someone. Try asking a makcik.

"Wah, cantik anak si anu tu. Kulitnya puuutiiih melepak.....blablablabla and so on".

See? Most of the time it goes like that. Fair skin seems like number one the TOP 5 what-u-shd-hv-to-be-called-pretty criteria. Why? I'm not sure but it can be attributed to mass media (again). Commercials, especially. Take that Fair and Lovely commercial per se. A girl with a slightly dark skin was sitting behind a ticket counter and this "gorgeous" dude didn't notice her. Until.....she used the cream and became fair. The shallow son of a basket. This a total counter-situation to our western counterparts. Westerners perceives the tanned to be hotter than the usual pale ones, which explains why they love sunbathing naked. And the tanning booth. And the tanning coat spray thing.

Yes, you might say "Beauty is just skin deep". It seems that one's looks can function as an initiating mechanism for infatuation. Most "interactions" starts with infatuation whether you like or not which worries me because of my puny interest in cosmetics and fashion. Too bad, I could only care less. The important part is just to stay clean and smell fresh.

Back to topic, what we think and how we behave seems to be influenced by subliminal messages embedded into the things we see in television, magazines, and the people around us. In such arguments on an abstract entity that is beauty, it would be favourable to take the easy way out by saying "beautiful depends on who is looking at who".

Whats my idea of beauty? What do I think for fair skins?

Yeah, fair skin is nice but I prefer the ones who are slightly dark. Its a personal taste, yes.

What's your idea of beauty?

Monday, January 12, 2009

A big waste of money and a mixed blessing

Me and eric went for some shopping lately. Much thanks to Tajul for his suggestion in the previous post, unfortunately, I didn't manage to get my hands on the 350. So, I settled for some other models. The worst part of shopping for me is that I always get stuck between between two choices.
Whats the word for it?.....



I hate it. Thank god Eric was there to prevent any further nervous breakdown. My indecisiveness has caused us to spend an extended time around the plaza, walking back and forth - up and down trying to make up my mind. Take this: both were at the same price and they were both great headphones. One was Plantronics 610 and the other one is a Steelseries 4H. You can't imagine how hard it was for me. Its just like what I was taught in economics. Choices made because of limited resources. I have limited money and I could only afford one. I almost screamed.

After so much deliberation, I went with the Steelseries 4H. Why? Like the packaging says: 40 mm audio drivers, 28,000 hz response frequence (means greater sound range so you wont get cracking audio), and a retractable mic (not foldable, imagine "pull out push in"). Most important factor is that it is a pair of fucking STEELSERIES! Yes, I know that sounded shallow and snobbish but I am kinda sucked by this brand thingy. I feel like a teenage girl who is looking at a pair of shoes she really really likes.

Here's a few photos. they not really a looker but they do the job well:

My only concern about the thing is that it looks rather fragile

I'm going take care of this new very much. If any of the other guys decided that they want to watch some movie or listen to their music, the moment they look in my direction, I'll say:


In an unrelated event, in the evening on the same day I went out for some exercise for the first time after one and a half semester. Me and the guys went for basketball in the Intec court. I was really totally winded. I should exercise more. Later, we ran into Juliana and her friend in distress, Izzati. They lost the keys to the security lock of their scooter. I went back home to get some pliers and let the guys take care the rest.

That night, we were treated to some fried chicken which we saved for midnight snacking (because they were grateful of course).

So much for exercise.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Today, I took my sister (she's continuing her study in Uitm Sek. 2 starting this semester) along with me out to town for a little tutorial on how to get around using the local means of transportation. I decided to hit the Youth 09 convention, because I haven't actually attended any conventions other than a PC Fair and that K-Based society convention which I never understood until this day.

It didn't turn out as I expected. Many attended but not as many as I thought there would be. Maybe we just came at the wrong time. There was a battle of bands when we arrived at the event. There was a display of pimped out rides and other stuff.

Then, there is the "people who like to play dress up" section. Hey, who am I to judge, right? It was quite entertaining to watch them go at it. They were so passionate about the whole character impersonation stuff that one of them DIDN'T BREAK CHARACTER offstage and even after the event is over.

Dats kinda freaky

My sister said this guy had won three or more times in other similar events, both in Malaysia and Singapore. He's the guy who never broke out of character.

Sailormoon yg trip hot. Konon. Hehe.

There were also other stuff in Youth 09. There were Hot Fm doing a live broadcast of the event. There were snakes. Guitar Hero III was a popular. Most booths (regardless of purpose) threw in some Guitar Hero to attract the crowd.

cockfighting the ball to the death

There were also grafitting wooden boards

....oh, yeah there were snakes too.

...and scorpions.

Honestly, I wished there was more. I'm going to miss the third day of the event because that's when the have the game talk and competition. It just feels unfulfilled. It didn't live up to its "10,491 attendees" signpost.

Friday, January 09, 2009

The Human Paradox

The human paradox. They are truly unique. Truly precious. And sometimes very special and rare. They are the ones who possess both opposing qualities. Having both sides of the coin does not mean they are in the middle of everything. It just means they have both. These paradoxes can be described like the following:

You are
Humble yet very bold and proud
Delicate yet strong and resilient
Innocent yet experienced
Green but wise
Reckless but prudent and calculating
You can take a man down, and bring him up again.

Should you have met, known or even befriended a paradox: consider yourself blessed. They have the best of both worlds.

Thursday, January 08, 2009



"Don't let him go into shock!" - Horatio Cain, CSI: Miami

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Help Please!: Headphones


To those who are reading this it is my pleasure to say that I need your help.

I am currently looking for a pair of headphones, preferably with mic, and I may need some suggestion from you readers. For your information, I will be using them not just for my gaming activities but also for watching movies and music listening.

So far I have two option: a Plantronic 350 and a Zalman ZM-DS4F (the 350 can be seen in the side-bar, and the Zalman on the bottom of this post).

Your suggestion(s) are most welcomed. And I would most appreciate it if you could state the price of the item.

Thank you.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Resolute 2009

Like every other year, it is quite customary for one to come up with a resolution for every new years. So, I'm gonna start off with recapping several life lessons I've learned in 2008.

Here they are:

1. Some things won't work no matter how hard you try. Just let nature take its course and have faith.

2. Love should preferably be without the "truly, madly, deeply". Just "love". "Truly madly deeply" should be reserved for The Almighty.

3. Life is like a very long road. There is no destination nor finish lines. If there is, its when you die. We believe that one's value in the world is equivalent to how much one can achieve on a certain period of time. To enjoy life, you should take it slow. Stop running when your shoe start to chafe your foot, when it bleeds and when shoes are torn. Just keep walking. Its like sex. Would you consider 30 seconds of sex as great sex? Yes. NO. We would appreciate it if it was 30 minutes. Sure, we want to last till morning. (Sorry. I'll stop that. I should stop listening to Darren Hayes. Damn him). What I'm trying to say is: don't rush life. just keep going at a steady pace.

4. Invest in real estate. It will be highly profitable, in the future.

5. There are times when you should not listen to other people. They are different, so are you. Do what you think is right.

6. Social pressure is one of the greatest forces known to man.

7. We got it all wrong: a .50 calibre round fired at high velocity to the head DO NOT result in a clean bullet hole. It literally blows your whole head off. A .45 round should be similarly effective, if not as powerful.

8. Turns out that fastfood can really fuck you up.

9. Life is about everything. Go out and explore those things.

10. Literature can be great sometimes. I'm so shallow that a midsummer night reading marathon could possible result with me jamming forks into my eyes.

This year, I wanted to:

Face it. I am not making any new resolutions this year. In fact, I'm going to scrap resolutions I made from previous years. Sometimes, these resolutions are just making you feel good about yourself on the things you never really going to do.

So, this year I wanted to LIVE LIFE.

Explore new stuff. Enjoy the simple pleasures. Take my time. Take it slow. Talk to people. Meet people. Help people. AND STOP BEING A PUSSY.

...if thats too complicated, I'll just stick to the "Im-going-to-work-hard-and-save-money" kind of resolution.

To those who are reading this,

lets keep reminding each other to take it easy once it a while.

Monday, January 05, 2009

random quote

"Sure, its good pudding. You can put your dick in it, then putting it back on the table. You'll have good time explaining it to other people but nobody will eat it BECAUSE YOU PUT YOUR DICK IN IT!!! *slaps the back of your sorry head*"

- Bill "Yahtzee" Croshaw