Sunday, December 28, 2008

Time: Unscientifically speaking

The universe is very complicated piece of shit to explain.

So, i'm going to explain it in a non-scientific way, if I may.

Here goes:

Time is change. Every entity in the universe changes. As a consequence of changes of all entities, time was born. As long as the universe keeps changing, time will continue to exist. Change how? You move your finger one hundredth of an inch, that's a change and time moves along with you. Theoretically, if all entities within this vast universe stopped moving - down to every last atom, electron, particle, muon, pion and gluon - time would stop as well. To record such moments would be totally impossible. This theory could probably explain the fact that time will always go forward, not backwards.

In an other semi-unrelated topic, the existence of time has its consequences. Or say, its "byproducts". So far, I've managed to identify two: Progress and Procrastination (there's actually a better word than "procrastination" but i can't seem to remember what. We'll just go with it at the moment).

Progress is when entities change accordingly, at the prescribed rate (let's say the rate which God decides the universe to enforce). Progress may occur in a cycle.

Procrastination can be described as delays: two types - the positive delay and negative delay.

Positive delay is when the rate of change occurs is reduced, slightly or more than slightly, than the originally intended rate because it is necessary. It may be necessary in order to prevent something or have something changed in the desired rate, let's say to synchronize with other entities. For example, the use of kryton switches in nuclear bombs as time fuses so the nuclear atom collides at a specific rate so it would achieved critical mass and then blow shit into the stone age.

Negative delay, of course, is to reduce the rate of change or stop them all together for no specific purpose nor intentions. This means inhibiting change of entities just for the sake of inhibiting. It could be perceived as an attempt to slow down time, which is not possible because slowing one or few entities is highly impossible and unimaginable. The true nature of this negative delay is still far from me being able to grasp - i may need time (ironically) to figure this out or maybe i won't be able to figure it out at all. It won't do it any justice to dismiss the delay as a result of bad intentions just because of the word "negative" alone. Negative here could be referred as an inverse of the latter (y'know, positive reinforcement + negative reinforcement from edu. psychology).

Lately, time has occupied my thoughts. It occurs to me how some moments were disappointingly fast and how some were painstakingly slow. I would like to write more on the stuff: the meta, the analogies and stuff. If so, then I'd be writing a term paper - which I'll need to attend evening classes in Physics, Astronomy and Chemistry to substantiate my arguments. There is a seeding interest in astronomy lately. Must be from those hours watching Discovery Science.

"Let's forget we're running out of time" - Clockwatching, Mraz.

Another to the wishlist


Friday, December 26, 2008


Sometimes you can hear it ringing in your head.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Table tennis: guys and gals

Im in a hurry right now


I'd like to ask anyone who is reading this if you are interested in playing table tennis with me this weekend at Intec.

I'll try to get the sports hall on saturday mornings (oh no! Mornings! My sole weakness!).

If can, you guys could bring your own paddle. I don;t have the budget to get more than two.

Leave a comment if you guys are interested.

Kthxbai. C ya.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


If I had a piece of land and a large sum of money,

I would build a training ground.

Training terrorists. I foresee a huge demand for martyrs.

Business will be good.

Oh, the results are in? I checked. Its neither up nor down. Its there where I like it. I dont care. Its a pass. Thats all that matters now. What? I cant hear you. You're

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Double Standards

This is regarding the recent landslide disaster.

The rich people demands that they should be placed in nearby hotel. Yeah, thats ok. What's not ok is that they also hope the government to pay for the expenses.

What the HELL?

Why do you use your own filthy money? Or ask your insurance company if you have any? Or just stay with the other victims at the nearest relief stations.

What the hell? Snobbish Pricks!

Choices. Gosh.

Its one of those time when I am free and have nothing to do. Aside from usually remaining in a vegetative state like I always do, I think about the endless questions in, mine and yours, life.

What do you want to be in the future?

....I want to be everything.

A musician, a teacher, a scientist, a soldier, a writer, a hero, a pilot and others.....

Until I came, crashing down hard, to an epiphany (highbrow word for realization).

I can only pick - if not few - one.

The one you pick will define you. The future of your futures. Most people say it depends on your calling. What if one has not received the calling? It would mean that we would have to re-assess the previous events in my life.

I used to want to be a scientist. However, science and maths is like oil and water to me. The last time I managed to solve an inverse quadratic equation was a rare moment of glory - celebrated in a small party which I was the only guest and only host. The last time I worked on a equation for a chemical reaction of two or more compounds during some chemical process I can't remember feels like a bicycle pump lodged in my head of which had me eating my own shoes in the end. The last time I did both simultaneously feels like hurling myself from a plane and then landing anus first on top of KL Tower.

Then, I felt like being a soldier. A military man. A man of honour. But then again, it seems like the royal army looks like a bunch of morally questionable thugs.

So you say it boils down to whatever talent you have. My talents? Well, I'm pretty good at hurting my self-esteem and my waistline. Im also good at being cynical and telling people off. Can't see how's that much of use in choosing a profession. But, life's choices such this isn't always about professions and raking in the big money. Its what you make of yourself. What kind of person you wish to be?

Where do you go from here?

That's the million dollar question. says I'm a Cool Non-Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!

Im a dumb thick meathead? Whoa.....

Pure Pwnage: 1981-2008

Troy Dixon a.k.a T-Bag a.k.a Terrance Brown has recently passed away earlier this month.
It was a car accident. He was one of the Pure Pwnage cast.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

whoops!.....ohai everyone!

Its been quite a day.

First, I made a dumb mistake. We were supposed to have a small reunion today but I had mistaken the time for 10 a.m. It was actually at 10 p.m. So, it was embarassing really.
However, Sahara was kind enough to invite me to lunch (a free lunch!) that afternoon with her siblings and cousins. And I did bought her a drink, desperately trying to compensate for my idiocy.

I had so much to apologize for. I apologize for not reading messages carefully. I apologize for the awkward lunch because I had so little to say. I havent contacted any friends from the old days for quite some time. I apologize for the inability to be friendlier with your siblings and cousins.

Next time, I'd really have to pay attention to txt messages.

On a lighter note, the package I ordered came few days ago. I have my own copy of Left 4 Dead. Two free mousepads, and I didnt even pre-ordered.

It came as a surprise. I was worried when my parcel came in thin. I thought only the mousepads had made through the rough cargo trip. In fact, it was a gimmick. The game contents were packed in an envelope like one of those huge Laserdiscs (y'know. the CDs with the size of dinner plates...) It is poster-sized huge with the title embossed in shiny laminate.

Now, lets go to the pressing matters. My financial forecasts: I am going to be broke in January due to my indiscriminate spending. A copy of Left 4 Dead, plane tickets, new guitar strings, a capo (what do I need that for?) and other stuff. There's the bills, rent and other expenditures I have to take care of at the beginning of January. Not to mention being one week late for class.

Damn. Always read thoroughly. Especially the fine prints.

A sound poem