Saturday, June 27, 2009

News @ TV3

WAIT. Don't exterminate the pigs. That doesnt sound like a good idea.

If they do, prices for poultry will rocket skyhigh. And that aint good. You dont want that. Imagine KFC snack plate at RM15-18 per serving.

Imagine more.

health related paranoia

H1N1 is all over the news. Like, everyday. Schools in Klang are closed. There's an increase in local transmission cases. Times like this, you just can't take chances.

I have been coughing for more than a month now. Even before I left Shah Alam. Worried, I went for a check-up. Well, two check-ups, exactly. the first doctor told me it was allergy I opted for an antibiotic shot. Problem not solved. The second doctor revealed that my tonsil was riddled with scars from previous infections and was surprised to why I haven't been operated to remove the dangling lump of skin. The truth, that wasn't the problem. The cough was caused by something inside the nasal cavity. Whew. That's reassuring.

Fears aside, the ministry is planning their move in this English campaign thing. More hours dedicated to the subject (extended teaching hours to teachers, something like that) and considerations to hire foreign teachers. Can this be good? We'll just have to wait and see.

Also, MJ has recently passed away. Frankly, he's hugely misunderstood. Poor dude.


While I was standing outside my late grandfather's house. Didn't see it coming and it almost had me. Like, really really close to sticking it into me. My dad came to neutralize the situations. He said that this was larger than what he often saw in the area.

Might seem cruel, because he renders it uncapable of performing survival tasks, my dad deems it necessary.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Down range

An improvised target. Air rifle, using .177 (4.5 mm) pellets. rifle not mine. Single pump action (chamber single pellet, pump for optimum pressure, lock, aim and fire. Entire action will take less than 20 secs if you're good enough.

Shots like these doesn't mean you suck. It just means you're consistent and accurate, if not precise. Everytime you load and pump, you leave your sights and then you just had to realign your eye to the iron sights. Those sights needs some tweaking.

Here's me attempting to do a Nut'n'fancy review, and i sucked. Nut'n'fancy did some excellent civilian tactical firearm reviews. Visit (and subscribe) his youtube channel here

Generation Kill is showing on Cinemax. I'm gonna wait for the full DVD set by the end of the season.

an update

Been offline for a few weeks there. Figure I was busy this holiday. So much for my holiday plans. A lot has been going on ever since I arrived home. I barely forgot what I wanted to do on my holiday. At least, before I go for my practicum this July.

Let's see. I'm caught with my home "duties" (chores, but I prefer to call that way). Had to eliminate weaver ants colonies (a post on that later).Working my late grandfather's house, got a close call with a scorpion (also later with that). Weddings. Family issues, some of my relatives are idiots and I'm not kidding about that one. And a bigger issue, imagine finding out one of your close relatives have been arrested because he was suspected to be the ringleader of an illegal syndicate (they're all illegal, right?) for, let's say, grand motorcycle theft. And I'm just saying. Plus, i'm seriously low on money and I can't get a job because I havent and didnt look for any.

The more reason to just keep myself locked in my room.

Here's a video of a wedding of a relative whom I've never met my entire life (surprising he knew me). Its like going to a cultural dance show. It reminds me that I belong to an ethnic group. Honestly, I thought I don't belong to any. I started to think that I'm ethnicless....I'd love that.

Btw, the theme colour of night was Blue. Even the colour of drinks was blue.