Thursday, February 24, 2005

Realizing reality and truth........

Reality really snaps. truth really hurts. But its all for our own good. However, people tend to run away from both. For the most of the time, it goes the same for me too. Almost everyone had trouble swallowing the truth whole,..until some point at their life.

We cant run away from the truth. Everything in the universe will unfold as it should. Whether you like it or not. No matter how hard we try getting away from it all our life, we will have all revealed after death, ,most probably in the afterlife.
I truly believe that there is an afterlife. We dont end up as a piece of rotting carcass after we die. Our soul will definitely leave the body to the other side. Im really sure of it.

Some people neglect reality and truth because they believe that FATE is actually predetermined and we get to change the other part of fate. Its an act to support the continuity of the will to live by self-projected belief.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Life, in the other hand, full of IRONiCS....Part 2

There is always something to live for. we are always living to find what we are lacking the most. Its also a part of the human need and desire. Most humans say that they'll only die when they have obtained or achieved their so called goals and dreams in life. These are things that they felt like a purpose to live. These purposes varies from the noblest duties to the downright malicious.
" I dont want to die until i have......"and so they say. These days are desperate times where people have themselves deep into their careers and their unfulfilled lives. They works and function as a system in such large huge networks and sometimes lose their own significance. Becoming an expendable pawn in the busy capitalist and imperialist world to serve the good of one individual of organizations.

The meaning of their lives gradually dimnishing and eventually lost. Some may regard it as something to live for. All humans wants to live with a free soul.

Lots of events happening around have turn out they we dont expect them to. Like "irony",for instance,is defined as they something that turn out not what most expect them to be or in the opposite way, usually funny(consists as dark humor) and sadistic.
Example;rich and famous people may look happy because have everything but they're not. Most of them end in a tragic way.Like Elvis, Monroe and Bruce Lee. So is J.F Kennedy.

..............(Maybe im not finished yet)

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Life, in the other hand, full of IRONiCS.....

There is such thing as perfect in life. Even if there was, it wouldn't be 100% perfection, just our perception of perfection. Everything in this world has a flaw, they must have, except for god of course. Our lives aren't perfect.
However, imperfections like these, are great reasons to go on living. Humans improve themselves over time. There is a saying in Islam,"Our lives today must be better than yesterday, and tommorow will be better than today. If it doesn't, it is no different than being dead" be continued....

Monday, February 14, 2005

Tsunami: Fear of large volumes of water.

People around asia seems to kinda freaked out from the Dec 26 disaster. From the way i see it, people from the west coast of Sabah in Borneo should not be too freaked out as well.... our western coast is "literally" out of the Volcanic Ring surrounding Asia. Earthquakes could happen but undersea quakes.......not likely.

Yes, it might be smart to run towards the hills, but tsunami in west coast of sabah could hardly ever happen, only if god wills it. When the quake struck in Sabah during Chinese the New Year holidays, i was fast asleep. When i woke up, i saw all my pets were still sleeping( i rear a many kinds of animals). In my opinion, animals can sense danger way better and earlier than humans could. it was pretty dumbfounding that neighbourhood seems deserted.
i live near(very near) to melinsung beach, which is bad place to be in case a tidal hits.
Its been 700 years since the last largest tsunami hits japan and a couple of decades after Hawaii was swept by a tidal wave. Yes, the tsunami is unpredictable, and scary but its inevitable. Whatever happens to the planet in the past WILL happen again like extinction, the TOTAL WIPEOUT, and the separation of the continents.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

a blog? what's that?

wow, i have my own blog! just like a real journalist should. And people read them just for mindless fun....i guess.