Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Birds Don't Fly Away

Just the other night I was playing Armed Assault 2 (ArmA2). It is a brilliant military sim, to say the least.

while i was playing on Armory mode, which lets me test out weapons, vehicle, characters to unlock more of those (you can even play from the eyes of a GOAT), suddenly something really bizarre happened.

So, it goes like this: it was a fine day. I was out stalking my target as usual.

dududu duu hmm.. this is not the guy i want. 

this guy fits the description of driving a vehicle, unarmed. now, i'll just position myself and wait for perfect time to pull the trigger. okay, deep breaths, here we go......

.....and, what is THIS? What the hay is going on here? why am i a bird? A message reads: "Good birds don't fly away from this game. I have only myself to blame". Wow, that's deep..and cryptic.

So, after flying for a few minutes and there was some gunshot below, i was brought to the black screen telling me that my character died.

Respawned. Challenge failed. What in the hay just happened back there?
So, I was left completely puzzled for a few minutes, later, dashed for the forums. It appears that you turning into a bird is actually a DRM (digital rights management) thing. Oh yeah, did i mention i was playing a pirated copy of ArmA 2? In other words, its how Bohemia Interactive Studios punishing you for pirating their game. I've heard of DRM blocking people midgame once they detected your license is a fake. or blocking you from starting the game. But i've never seen the developers trolled on pirates before. Oh yeah, except in that Batman game where you can't hurt the final boss if you're playing a pirated copy. Or Macrovision on DVDs that produces uneven audio and visuals when it detects a duplication process.

Maybe i should get a copy of ArmA 2. Its a pretty good sim, if not ridden by bugs and glitches.

Friday, January 20, 2012

at this rate, i should just sign up for tumblr.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

yup mondays

fluttershy is not pleased.

I don't have elevator rides on my way work nor elevator music to mock at a weekend past. Monday is now out of the way and its time to get to business.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

i woke up to a sweet dream last night. it was pumpkin pie sweet when i woke up i can feel myself blush in the dark and then fell back asleep, smiling.
woke up early in the morning. today everything went a-okay. i enjoyed teaching Civics. Class went okay. Work was okay. some suit from the ministry came visiting and I was seen at my best. Had a good discussion.

up until now, i still wonder: could that dream really will happen? It was so everything about it was so real. so vivid. I really wish it does. I haven't had a sweet dream like that in, like, years.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

something everypony can relate to

i like the duality theme in these pics. they accurately represent the insecurities and neurotism of the neurotic ponies in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Everypony knows some of the fun episodes are the ones that focuses on a pony and how they experience mental/nervous breakdowns (see Season 1 Episode 24, Season 2 Episode 3). How's that for a kids show? (photos taken from

pinkie pie on 0:43 is freaky as shit.

creepy on 0:06 and 0:23

the dragonborn comes (cover) by Malukah

this is a beautiful cover on Skyrim's dragonborn comes. i like the part where she sings in dragon tongue. wispy and beautifully haunting. download the mp3 here. More on Malukah herself, here. Turns out this cover took her popularity several notches higher.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

the dichotomy of my life: boring, uneventful vs. batshit crazy.

became a Brony last October.

plus: this guy's got quite the talent. he's like an English Eminem.

2011's been some crazy year. there were ups and downs. and no resolutions for new years. just goals. very important goals.