Friday, January 23, 2009

Ice Tea feat. Huzen

Scene: Faculty of Education, Tec 1. Late afternoon. Air-conditioner is busted. The breeze from an electric fan was impeded by girls sitting in front. Sweat starting to drip like drops of dew on a leaf. A parched sensation felt in throat. Mdm. Norshiha's lecture slowly reduced to an incoherent, gibberish, garbled noise.

*Cue funky music

So hot ah ah
Sweating to the balls, yeah.
Its getting so hot ah ah
Too hot for me ah ah

Its getting hot in here, I wanna drink some ICE TEA (*vibrato on the "ICE TEA" part*)
(I am getting so HOT, I wanna get some ice tea) x3

*Cue: Footage of water splashing into a tall glass, like in drink commercials. Hazel brown essence of tea diffuses into water as teabag is dipped (the brand was obscured because the singer wasn't paid to advertise. But it was good tea). Ice cannon-balled into the glass. (While the concoction was, well, "concocted"; I am in a trance-like dance as if I was bathing in the delightful estatic brew). note: the dance is supposed to be "provocative". Pshhhhh!!!

Feel it ah ah (*presses cold glass on face*)
Sip it ah ah
Work it ah ah (*rubs cold glass from top of my body to bottom, as tea works its way through my throat*)
Sip some more ah ah
Cant get enough ah ah

*repeat until fade....

Can you feel it? Ahhhh....
Feel me bebeh!


wA said...

Lewdly interesting.

Okay. What does TEC stand for again?

Should be TSK instead.

Tsk tsk.

p/s: Iced tea = Makhluk Tuhan paling seksi?

Zen said...

i dunno la.


Teribbly equipped classrooms?

Seems well equipped to me.

P/s: Ice tea must have lemon. Lemonicetea. And ice.

noor sahara alishar said...

Extended scene 1:You should include this scene (Huzen crushing the lemon to his face). And says, Ah, ah, Ice Tea, and lick the juice.

Scene 2: Huzen sings Love Me Sexy.

Ah, ah.

Come on girl,’s me Irwan Huzen.
Don’t gimme that look, that’s right, let’s get sweaty, let’s get real sweaty
I’m talkin’ rainforest sweaty, I’m talkin’ swamp sweaty.
Let’s fill the bathtub full of sweat…alright.

Baby who wants to love me sexy uh?
Baby are you ready to lick me sexy uh uh?
Take off your shoes and suck me sexy
Baby we’re naked and we’re humpin’ sexy

I wanna do a little thang with choo.
I wanna do a little thang with choo.
When I say love, you say sexy.

Love me sexy.

Who wants to love me sexy, is it you?

Scene 3: Huzens throws all the lemons and runs like a crazy man.

noor sahara alishar said...

Love Me Sexy by Jackie Moon.

Zen said...

owh, nice.

But i'm not gonna squeeze lemon into my face. Gotta watch the eyes.

Could work some more on the ending.

Will check that song out soon.

RiEn_Akio said...

I agree wit ur friend,
noor sahara alishar... You SHOULD include those scenes! XDXDXD
(Amuse me! *RFOL*)

P/S: Very creative piece of work, tho! Thumbs up and, (I should add); Lemon Ice Tea to you! *KAMPAII!!!* XP