Thursday, January 29, 2009

Re: Beautiful

To compare one's beauty to inanimate objects is almost an injustice. Or a total injustice, at all.

When I said that "love that comes from intellectual stimulation", I was not merely saying that intellectual beauty is limited to one's wisdom and/or intelligence. It is not limited to the popular mantra "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". It is not just beauty of what the eyes can see, the hands could touch. It is beyond.

There are two ways/ideas of how you yourself can perceive beauty, ones that will actually lead to attraction. First, the prescribed perception. Common indeed. As the name suggests, it is what we were lead to believe as beautiful. I'm not saying it is wrong or inaccurate. It is important considering that our growth is influenced by factors subjected in one's environment.

Second; an idea which I would like to emphasize, stress, focus, centre, forward or any word that gives it a higher sense of importance for that matter; is the perception that you discover for yourself. Its about what you have come to realize. Its what you realize what you appreciate the most. Its what you realize will never fade. Its what you realize what moves you. Its what makes you realize, up to this point, what your life have been leading you to. It what you realize as a story which is yours and what others wish was theirs.

Back to the mantra "beauty as seen by the beholder", I would like to point out that beauty is a collective registry of the senses. Your senses does not only register the object of beauty but the things around them and those things which surrounds the beholder. It is a higher level of consciousness and/or a higher an elevated sense of alertness. Its something words can't find enough to describe, true, but the best I could do; "it is beyond senses because it is the experience of the mind which supersedes at an elevated consciousness". (You see. The problem with subjective questions as such is words are insufficient and, to a point, almost irrelevant).

To understand, you would have to be capable of self-discovery and to be blessed with opportunities.

I am truly blessed. I am one of those blessed few who are privilleged enough to witness "beauty". "Beauty" which made words irrelevant and an experience for the mind. The kind of beauty which led me to believe the worlds isn't as bleak like what I was led to believe. To be honest, I am also envious. It is beauty that I had never thought possible to exist in a person. To believe that one's is blessed by the Almighty to be beautiful. I'm like an archaeologist who finally discovered an entire lost city. I'm like a distraught man who finally solved a piece of the universe. To not share my discovery is like commiting crime. Like being oblivious to the needs of the needy. Selfish. I'm struggling with the right words to describe what I am feeling.

The previous post is meant to be ended with:

"Beauty is the sum of all parts"

Beautiful is the equation of plus/minus. Its not how perfect each part is. Its how each part compliment each other.

p/s: If you realize a person who is beautiful, never use vain words such as "pretty" or other words that ends with the contemptous "-licious" or what-not. "Beautiful" is a simple word and it can be amplified with how you really feel. Tell her, today. Today.


pnnz said...

i'd say beauty is bigger than the sum of all parts. hehe...

and here's something introduced to me by my music lecturer.

'challenging beauty'

what do u make of that

Zen said...

I'd say "challenging beauty" is the kind that goes against stereotypes and standards, in favor of self-belief.