Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Resolute 2009

Like every other year, it is quite customary for one to come up with a resolution for every new years. So, I'm gonna start off with recapping several life lessons I've learned in 2008.

Here they are:

1. Some things won't work no matter how hard you try. Just let nature take its course and have faith.

2. Love should preferably be without the "truly, madly, deeply". Just "love". "Truly madly deeply" should be reserved for The Almighty.

3. Life is like a very long road. There is no destination nor finish lines. If there is, its when you die. We believe that one's value in the world is equivalent to how much one can achieve on a certain period of time. To enjoy life, you should take it slow. Stop running when your shoe start to chafe your foot, when it bleeds and when shoes are torn. Just keep walking. Its like sex. Would you consider 30 seconds of sex as great sex? Yes. NO. We would appreciate it if it was 30 minutes. Sure, we want to last till morning. (Sorry. I'll stop that. I should stop listening to Darren Hayes. Damn him). What I'm trying to say is: don't rush life. just keep going at a steady pace.

4. Invest in real estate. It will be highly profitable, in the future.

5. There are times when you should not listen to other people. They are different, so are you. Do what you think is right.

6. Social pressure is one of the greatest forces known to man.

7. We got it all wrong: a .50 calibre round fired at high velocity to the head DO NOT result in a clean bullet hole. It literally blows your whole head off. A .45 round should be similarly effective, if not as powerful.

8. Turns out that fastfood can really fuck you up.

9. Life is about everything. Go out and explore those things.

10. Literature can be great sometimes. I'm so shallow that a midsummer night reading marathon could possible result with me jamming forks into my eyes.

This year, I wanted to:

Face it. I am not making any new resolutions this year. In fact, I'm going to scrap resolutions I made from previous years. Sometimes, these resolutions are just making you feel good about yourself on the things you never really going to do.

So, this year I wanted to LIVE LIFE.

Explore new stuff. Enjoy the simple pleasures. Take my time. Take it slow. Talk to people. Meet people. Help people. AND STOP BEING A PUSSY.

...if thats too complicated, I'll just stick to the "Im-going-to-work-hard-and-save-money" kind of resolution.

To those who are reading this,

lets keep reminding each other to take it easy once it a while.


Amanda Christine Wong said...

live life huh? that means, you actually have to go out under the sun...

Zen said...

yeah, thats the idea...