Thursday, July 24, 2008

Up and Running

Yup, finally got our ADSL connected and set up. Up and Running. But there's no guarantee im gonna be frequently online.

It was also quite a busy moment because frens were making calls to their homes so i can help them set up their new connections as well. It spared them of the RM88 installation fee. Think of me as your cheaper less expert subcontractor.

It took a lot of time because i wasnt really sure how the thing works but hey, i did manage.

So, here we are up and running. Ready for the I-Learn Portal....unless some unnecessary distraction jumps in.


"It was Me!" said...

HAHA.. Once you have internet connection at home, you'll be facing your pc most of the time.. HUHU..

w A said...

Wowwee! unlimited access sure is YUMMY!

Zen, suda siap ka kau assignment creative?

when a dork speaks... said...

yay! dah ada internet! =D

Hafriz the Caped Crusader said...

*Still TF2-ing...*

Zen said... icon...GAH!