Monday, July 14, 2008

They're making me pay again. Make them stop.

this morning my friends went to KL Central with flight tickets to confirm, along with mine (MAS tickets) . i didn't go along because i was occupied at the time. When they came back, i was shocked (well, not really that "shocked" lah) to find out that they weren't able to confirm my flight ticket. The reason? To make the confirmation, they have to pay RM 168 for each ticket.

I mean, this is ridiculous! The ticket was paid for, like, ever since last year. All that was needed was a date for confirmations. It costs RM 1000+ per return flight ticket - ok, i admit it was a free/sponsored ticket from our sponsors, the BPG - this way beyond ridiculous. Their reason for charging was on grounds of fuel price hikes. What really irks me is that some of my friends went to confirm 3 days earlier, but they only paid somewhere around RM 30+. For the same ticket, same destination. How does that work? How does it skyrocket in the course of 3 days? WTF is going on?

Is it because transportation cost have increased around 68% from the peninsular to homeland of Borneo? Maybe I have to stay here in the mainland, and not return home regularly? (come to think of it, this may not be a BAD idea after all, hehehhehehe :p). Or is it we have a system of Triple-Taxing in here in Malaysia? (This is also something I want to talk about. It goes like this: You have a job > you pay annual taxes. You have a home > you pay residential taxs. You want to buy a car, preferably > you pay taxes, up to 300%. You want drive the car to the interstate to see your girlfriend > you pay road taxes. You want to eat at a restaurant > you pay service and govt taxes. And so on. More on that when I have the time).

I would like the speculate that MAS is desperate trying to squeeze as much as profit as possible to keep their executives afloat with their already ridiculous paychecks. I mean, look at AirAsia. you could get a ticket to the same destination by paying 50% of what it costs at MAS. Airline meals? I could add extra RM 7 when I book my flight online and still it would cost wwwaaaaayyyy cheaper. Even more, at MAS, you don't get meals for flights under 3 hours. Instead, you get a snack-in-box (crackers, muffins, you get it). So much 5 star service. We're paying for "more-stars" service but not getting any.

i think im done ranting for now. What irks me is not whats going on with the system. Its because it costs me more money. Not just any money. Big Money. The ones I can use or save for my "future plans". Gosh!

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