Sunday, July 13, 2008

The New Nesting Ground - Before The Storm

My guys and I just moved into a new home. Its in seksyen 17 facing dewan MBSA. Quite a nice place we got considering the bad neighbourhood that we live in. Our landlord, Pn Mona, was very nice. She took care of everything we need and comes to check on the house every now and then. She even bought spare parts for our washing machine.

We took time furnishing the house. Najib hogs some furniture and a corner in house. Eric, daus n Nazmi have their own pc tables. Cleaned the bathroom, the kitchen, and the refrigerator. Seems like the previous owners were a bunch of slobs. Its hard to describe the horror when we first came to house on "surveying" purposes.

I also have the liberty of typing a part of our expenditure statement in this post:

Streamyx registration: RM 295
Spending at Giant: RM 100
A trip to MyDin: RM 200
Taxi fare: RM 12
Preparing dinner at home, bantering, and violently
"insisting" Wawan to eat his veggies: OMG Priceless!

We cooked the basics. We will survive. We just know it.

The thought of learning how to cook had made top priority in my head lately. Presentation will also be really important for dinner.

Its still early in the semester so we wont be busy for at least another 2 weeks. We took the time to enjoy ourselves. There I am plucking tunes on my guitar, watching DVDs, and the occasional Call of Duty 4 (COD4) deathmatch sessions. Life was very laidback. Our broadband connection is due for another week, at least. We had to get streamyx because the lecturers are integrating i-Learn in class, which means we can submit assignments, get notes, important annoucements and discuss matter on-line in i-Learn. i think we should go with a 2 Meg connection, which means more money. GOSH! Like we havent spent so much already!

Wawan playing COD4 on Eric's uber PC. He loves stabbing people. Fear him.

We also took the liberty of training Wawan to play COD4. Turns out the little dude was a natural, even though he panicked a lot which threw his aim in every possible direction. It was good game. There were "what the hell?", "holy sh*t", "Penipuuu!" and the occasional "pukenengg!!".

We had least for another week......

i'll write more next time.


when a dork speaks... said... guys masak!
nice start.

Zen said...

we're going to start knitting now....

(Gosh, bad stereotype....)