Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Its that time again...

I dont know anything about women or what really happens during their "PMS"es and im not going to make any wild asssumption. One thing i do know is: the MOODINESS. That i can totally understand.

In fact, thats whats really happening to me right now. Im being moody. Its like I have these times where i get moody just like that. Like waking up feeling everything is not alright. And for some reason, im being moody pretty often lately.

Whenever I am moody, the following things happens:

1. I dont feel like talking.
2. I dont want to make eye contact.
3. I run away from people.
4. I walk around a lot.
5. I wont probably say hi to you.
6. I space out quite often.
7. I want to be alone.

And i always end up hanging around around the INTEC Square far off and remote from Edu Fac (the one near the bus port). There are a number of people there but I dont mind. Its kinda amusing y'know: "The best way of getting privacy is to be surrounded by strangers". In my moodiness, I often avoid people I know or people who know me so that INTEC hangout is such a great place for me.

What worries me the most is that the moodiness occurs a bit too often. One minute im laughing, flirting and being a douchebag, the next i'm quiet and refuse to communicate. Whats happening? Am I under stress? Its just 4 weeks into the semester. Am I having an emotional breakdown? If yes, why and what for? Maybe I didnt ask the Almighty after prayers as to why this is so.

The moodiness also sets in whenever I am experiencing mental blocks (times when I cant produce ideas when I goddamn need them). I really hope this is not a sign of me "giving up" on whatever it is im doing.

Dad's idea of dealing with unethical drivers. Watch out for road rage.

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