Friday, July 25, 2008

Acrostics. Now or Never.

I was in the shades of the brighter bright

Red is the colour of my passion

White in all endeavours

And you stained me

Now, the stain is my colour.

Here I am

Underneath the clouds

Zeroing out to the skies off to

Everywhere you’d be

Now, I can pretend you are here.

Making guesses when the answer is “yes”

Another heart disfigured

The timeless words

Underneath the priceless pictures

Suggesting this is happiness

“If not now, when?” you once said

Now. And now I confess, to you.


hOrny gOat said...

like it..hey d u think u can create one for me?please.........hehehehe

Zen said...

Horny goat dont hump my leg,
Its flattering that you beg.

Hehehehe, see la if i got the time. And ideas.

THX eh!

Elvie DeChantal said...

nah huzen, ur service is sought after again. *grin*