Thursday, August 28, 2008


I can't say I had a rough day but I sure feel a bit exhausted with everything. French class quite a drab. I don't blame the lecturer. She's a great lecturer and she's loved by many. Its just that I'm not really in the mood to learn anything today. So, I discovered a weaver ant scurrying about my desk and decided to play with the little thing.

Recently, I've uncovered the Macro function on my cameraphone. What it does is that it enhances the images of small objects in photos. Setting the Macro has the camera auto-focuses on a small target objects. It great for taking shots of miniature objects or if you're looking for detail in texture.

I think I just got a good shot from this angle (I'm using this photo as my wallpaper)

It seems to be agitated and ready to squirt formic acid into my eyes.

Its quite aggressive, even when it is alone. This reminds of an experience of being caught in an angry swarm.

I would also like to spread the news that a family member of our Sociolinguistics lecturer has finally met The Almighty. Al-fathihah. We were supposed to have our test today.

I hate myself because someone had to pass away so that I could get another 2 hours of sleep and another chance to prepare myself for a test I couldn't get myself adequately prepared for.


WaWa Shanana Diva said...

Impressive your camera is. What phone u're using now? It's like in the Nat Geo or Animal planet or something.

What am I saying? (:

misterTAJ? said...

ahhh!!! ant bully!!!

Zen said...


Im using K770i. thx. this is natgeo material.


I can assure you that no harm is done upon the ant. i dunno what happen to it at the end of the class and i assume no responsibility.

I was entertained for a moment there.