Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To make your day

lIm kinda bored. I should be writing about something important (whether I genuinely care or not. Most of the time not). So today im just gonna list down a couple of smacktalk I learned over the time ever since I've been a gamer.
Smacktalk is the art of telling people off, while in the heat of competition. You could use it to taunt people, insult them, or just annoy them. They say if you want to smacktalk, smacktalk like a gentleman. A gentleman is three things (1) Polite, (2) Grammatically Correct and (3) A gentleman.

1. You remind me of ghey.
2. Kiss dogs with tongue and everything.
3. Banana Stench Monkey Salt licker.
4. Your mom.
5. Someone who sucks called, they want their skills back.
6. *honk honk* is that the schoolbus? (referring to the noobschoolbus)
7. You just got schooled.
8. I just saw on CNN/Fox News on how good you are.
9. If I'd be you, I'd be losing.
10. You Uncoordinated Ball of Ghey
11. Holla Holla get Dolla
12. Are you on the keyboard?
13. I can only take you to water.
14. I think you should take the controller from your mum.
15. Are you playing the same game as I am?

There's probably a lot more which I couldn't remember. A taunt is effective when either two happens: (1) the taunted has no idea what you're saying and feels seriously stupid about himself, (2) The taunted gets the the idea of what you're saying and is strongly gobsmacked by it.

I should post about the local version I always use.


misterTAJ? said...

okay... i feel stupid... whats the meaning of ghey!!!

Zen said...

LOL i feel stupid too!

I dunno. Maybe some kinda euphemism for gay.

when a dork speaks... said...


i have no idea what are the smacktalks mean!

*feels stupid*

S O U L - O said...

Mr Mior used to teach the debator to use "with that, checkmate!" as in the chess game. duh!

Zen said...

thats kinda lame.....