Sunday, August 03, 2008

I'm learning? WOW!

I learned something new today. And im going share to you what I've learned:

How to pick locks (padlocks)

You're going to need two paperclips. Bend em like shown in the following photos.

You bend 'em as close as you can. Leave the gap as little as you can. This is the Wrench.

You bend the other at 90 degree angle. This is the Shim (I think).

Insert the wrench on the bottom (notchless side) as deep as possible. Apply some tension with your thumb. Be careful, not too strong.

Then, insert the Shim on the notch side as deep as you can.

While holding the tension on the Wrench, rock your Shim so it knocks up and down. This is the trickiest part so you'll need to figure this out on your own.

It takes some effort to get it done. Voila!!! You just picked a lock! Congratulations and pat yourself at the back or head.

p/s: difficulty may vary from lock to lock because of tread and notch variety. And this method applies to the conventional padlocks (not including square key padlocks).

p/s/s: I may not be responsible for break-ins. Use knowledge at your own discretion. Im deleting this post as soon as break-in reports starts to skyrocket.

p/s/s/s: The internet is serious. You could learn a lot from the web, you are responsible for your own actions.

p/s/s/s/s: I just learned something awesome. Its awesome. No. Yes, it is. No. Shut up.


The Caped Crusader said...

Zen, I sure am not hoping I'd see you breaking into my house someday. lol

Zen said...

Dont worry, I wont.

So, WHERE do you live actually?

S O U L - O said...

wah, creative eh!

misterTAJ? said...

part time teacher
part time burglar (camni eh eja)

when a dork speaks... said...

no wonder lah byk rumah kena pecah masuk lately...

rupa2 nye Huzen is the mastermind!


puterinurul said...

i gotta find myself a padlock!

Elvie DeChantal said...

Yeah huzen. but some houses (like us) were broken into with the padlocks intact. i'm suggesting you to delete this post. no offense.

Zen said...

OMG! Offended!