Sunday, August 17, 2008

Topic for dicussion: The Noob Effect

Issues in gaming and entertainment from a pro gamer point of view. Its a bit vulgar and non-sensical. May seems like a ripoff from The Punctuation Effect. Watch this video:


The Caped Crusader said...

Zero punctuation's the best. Have you seen his latest Prince of Persia retrospective? Hilarious.

Still, nice vid. lol

pnnz said...

such animosity for noobs! does noobs have a more extended meaning than just newbies??

im crap at games but im not that new. :-( and for some games i do loooove cheats. there, i said it. now kill me.

but i understand that. i hv a friend who's a gamer (a guy), and the way we tease him was to say that he's a fellow gamer of another girl.

he'd be really mad coz the kind of game that she played are games like farm frenzy, cake mania, tradewinds etc...etc. It's really good fun (teasing him)!

Zen said...


yea, you gotta love his reviews. Prince of Persia was given the good treatment compared to other games. Love his style.


noobs have a lot of context dependent meanings. It is considered to be very offensive compared to newbie. I think i'll write that in a new post.

Its understandable that use cheats but I advise that you don't. Playing the game doesn't really mean you have to win the first few tries. Enjoy it, and if you're frustrated, leave it and come back later. Find something else to play. Trust it is a lot of fun playing without cheats

Yea, i hv a guy fren who plays those kinda games. Those kinda games can be regarded as real games because there's nothing but gameplay. Like said in the video Noob Effect.