Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Nightmares: Soft Pillows and Annoying Narratives

Ever woke up to a nightmare? Or, have you ever woke up into a nightmare?

I think I just did. I woke up this morning just to find that I have only done 3 pages for my SLA mini-research. And its due during her class, which ends at 10.30 this morning. I woke up at 8.00. Do the math.

I screamed.

No. Let's rephrase that:

I was screaming.

Talk about last minute. Its all thanks to that "I think I'll have that 30 min powernap". 30 mins? Cheh. Konon. ...but I did managed to submit it directly to her 3 minutes after 10.30. Earned the label "famous people" in her class. I'm a problem student now? Its been years since that incident with my social studies lecturer. AWESOME.

When will we learn our lesson? *sigh*

On a side note, one of the guys in the house started watching Gossip Girl....



Jessica_Lyne said...

uh, u r famous! hihihi
n i know who dat guy is, hahahaha

♥ Aisyah Sinclair ♥ said...

the famous guy!

theehiihii.. leave to Madam M to compliment her students in her own sarcastic way.

zen, kau tak layan GG ke? ;P

Zen said...

Bukan slalu jadi femes ni...biasa la kan. Underdog la katakan.

GG? GG?! GG?!!!

Tak layan...I would have to remove one ball and put them in a jar while I'm watching then put them back in when I'm done. Its not that I have anything against GG.....wait, I do.

♥ Aisyah Sinclair ♥ said...

the most femes word that constantly comes out from huzen's mouth:


any balls will do.


theroyalcrapster said...

u might learn a thing or two from it. like how to be famous, and embrace it. ngahahaha

Zen said...

bad habits can actually teach you a thing or two.

yeah, im embracing it alrite.

Ibrahim said...

Who's that guy?