Monday, April 27, 2009

A day out: I'm a geek

First off, girls wouldn't probably be interested with the things I am about to type about. but you're still welcome to read. If you don't belong in the stereotype, I'd applause you for your open-mindedness (WTH am I saying?)

Went to the big city for a breather recently. Looked for some shoes and did some window shopping. Mostly on things I could not afford. It turns out that I'm still blown away at how much some high-end product costs. For example, take a look at this humble looking keyboard with the simplistic design:

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Steelseries 7G. Gaming keyboard.

Looks pretty much like your run-of-the-mill keyboard right? Guess what: this keyboard is going to set you back around RM 700. I can't believe it myself. The spec boasts 18 K GOLD(!)-plated connectors, for quick response input, no-click mechanical keys, 50 million keystrokes lifetime and "anti-ghosting" - which means you can press as many keys available on the board simultaneously (conventional keyboards only allow 4-6 keys). I know that regular people, like you...or me, find that RM 700 does not make any effing sense whatsoever but there are enthusiasts willing to get these shiznits. People will never guess the price of the things and they would rather not touch it if they do.

Steelseries Ikari 4G mouse

This little mice here is another one of those gadgets with a mind-blowing price. Any mice boasting 4Gs means that they are capable of operating up to 4000 dpi (worth of sensitivity). How fast is that? Imagine: that regular mice you bought for below RM 50 (or the mice used in the INTEC library) is operating around 800 (1200 at most) dpi. Not recommended for those who use their PC's and laptops for performing regular tasks. Y'know: facebooking, blogging and that casual Popcap/Reflexive Arcade/Playmore game you're playing. You'll have a hard time tracking your cursor. So, how much will it set you back? Around RM 400+.

Razer Megalodon

Another product in the Razer gaming-grade-for-the-connoiseur lineup. Comfortable design with SUPERHUGE earcups. You'll be wearing this thing for hours. Superb noice cancelling mic. The main highlight: its audio processing unit (that box-thing connected to its cord). It is a master volume control for front, side and back speakers - also controls bass levels, mic-sensitivity and other stuff. Sounds a mouthful isn't it? Did I mention that this headset boasts 7.1 audio? Its going to sound like there are 7 speakers surrounding your head. Positional audio. This one is going to set you back for RM 400+.

Even, if you're not a gamer (or geek), I'd recommend you get this one if you have the money. Good all-round audio (music and movies), not to mention supercomfortable. It won't squeeze your head and your ears would hardly sweat even after hours. But if it still looks geeky for you, try this one instead:

Grado GS1000

In case you didn't know, this (Grado's) is one the world's best in headphones. These things are handcrafted. Notice the drums are made of wood? It is. Its one the main features contributing to its holy audio quality. Its mahogany. The company have been making these things for 50 years. It may lack that fashionista look but you're looking at a world's best. So far, I haven't done much research on the company and its products. In addition, I have yet to see one of these things in local audio stores.

Thats all for now.


Hafriz said...

mahogany FTW

Amanda Christine Wong said...

oh hail the god of geeks.

Zen said...

mahogany. Great acoustics. Some guitars are made of them. I wish I could have a feel of what its like.


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