Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Come check our calendars

All three microteachings suffered badly from my complacency and lack of concern for developing teaching aids. Failing subjects is not a distinct possibility. The only thing I did right this semester was the movie review for Asian Literature. Its "Water" by Deepa Mehta. Its an awesome Indian movie. Its really deep. I recommend you to watch it. And then I was also desperate to prove to my Class Management instructor that I am doing my work. Thanks to Tatie and Pie for giving me something to talk about, even though it was just verbatim and a little bit of paraphrasing on my part. I am, like everyone else, concerned about my grades too.

And, since everyone is bitching about being super busy, I have dedicated some time to develop some visual aids to help explain the situation that my fellow coursemates and I are going through:

To illustrate the situation, I've selected two essential activities for the discerning undergrad student. They're very important, for sure. You can't deny and I can't stress more on how important these two are. THEY ARE EFFING IMPORTANT! Plus, I've placed them inside coloured rectangles for presentation purposes.

This how the schedule would look like for the normal busy student. This is how it usually looks. Notice how they are tightly packed. Sticking. No hairlines. Totally compact.

Now, this is how our timetable looks like. Notice how the pressure of time and lack of initiative have compacted both activities that they start to forcefully overlap to accomodate the time constraint enforced upon us. Its like the skin of a chronic couch potato has naturally melded into the couch itself. The TR stand for toilet reading which means we have to study for tests even during "business" hours. However, I don't see how Toilet Reading is going to make any difference to me. I do it all the time!

In fact, the time allocated for posting this post overlaps with the time allocated to eat the chips I've bought a week ago, the time for me complete my 6-8 page Second Language research (due tomorrow) and the time for me pick my nose clean.

This requires shit serious time management skills, essential to any student who has great concern over efficiency, and unfortunately, I'm not one of those students. I have a fairly impressive "bitching" skill, if that helps.

Even now, I can still hear them bitch about it.

That's rite! keep singing it, people!!! Oh, yea. Uh-huh, uh-huh!


Syud said...


Second it myself.

Justmynn said...


u had time to write a new post..

n applause to the seminar presentation. u guys did great..
me, i'm still a 'L.... (insert word)

(cant say or write the word, i've been disallowed to say it by RiEn)

wonder how teaching nex sem's gonna b like...

btw gonna miss u guys when all of u fly back to Sabah..

cant forget u guys ;)

Zen said...


great. Meeting adjourned.


don't be afraid to use the L word (lamer?). Don't let her tell you what to do.

Teaching can either be a horror or an exciting adventure.

Please don't get all sentimental. Its not like we're all marching to our doom.