Sunday, March 15, 2009


Another post, another step towards being a pretentiously smart twit.

Went to Sunway last saturday, in the Pyramid. To unwind (konon la). Ate at glutton's hangout Hartz Chicken buffet. I think my calorie count and cholesterol levels skyrocketed to the moon and back. If my parents knew, they'd be furious. They also had a nice salad bar - they have celery which was awesome, if only they have peanut butter to go with it. Exercise is in order.

As went stroll around the mall, it reminds of 1Borneo back at home. It claims to be the largest hypermall in the region but it didn't look like the largest. The thought of it saddens me. Designer, labels and stuff. Is this what we want? Wait, the use of the word "we" is nothing but a selfish masking of the personal interest. Is this what I want? Is this what you want? "Yes and no" is a safe answer.


1. Boosts economy - generating trade, revenue and stuff like that.
2. Provides employment.
3. Welcoming tourists, they love shopping havens.
4. For stability, by providing people something to entertain themselves with.
5. Image development - whatever that means.


1. We want first class mentality. Not just first class facilities.
2. Cost of living increases.
3. Capitalism. Free market stuff like that.
4. Vanity...don't get me started on that.
5. My general contempt towards our fellow man...yeah, I'm just nit-picking.

Yeah, I'm being narrow minded and apathetic at best. Conservative is the best word for it. Keeping up with the latest fashion? I'm sorry, you lost me. I am the epitome of the typical retrosexual male. If I was famous, other retros would worship me. People like me just couldn't be bothered with these things. The only times where I would dress up properly (never extravagant) are on protocol-run events, special occasions and those rather special occasions. I would groom myself fitting to the minimum requirements needed to make contact with another human being. The point of dressing up grew from the need to attract the opposite sex. This means that I am the most undesirable person in town. Hell, I'm not even sexually appealing and I cannot imagine any female in the right mind would think so (you realize a lot of things when you look in the mirror often). But I do keep myself clean, and its doing wonders to my self-esteem. Well, maybe I'm just bitter because I can't afford the grandeur, extravagant things in life (but I can still afford the good ones). After all, I'm just a simple young man raised in by simple parents in a simple family.

The guys wanted to see Dragonball the movie, until we met Pie, Syud and her sisters - they happen to be in the mall that day. Pie told us the movie sucked, which I could already tell. So, we opted to watch Watchmen (that sounded redundant) . I should make this clear: I'm not a fan of superheroes and comic based movies. Sure I watch on HBO. In a cinema? Not likely. Its not because I hate them. Its because......well, let's just say "No". Since its from the director of 300, I kept an open mind (there was a lot of gritty violence). And...whaddaya know? It blew me away. I liked it. It turns out that the movie was not about superheroes, it was about people. Us. Or just them. The movie was very philosophical and brimming with symbolism here and there. There was no good guys bad guys. Just everyone. The end was plain but still a good surprise - a good plain I-think-I've-seen-that-before kind of surprise.
My only complain was Dr. Manhattan. His inclusion to the group of Watchmen is just too much. Over-the-top. Imagine: A group of superheroes consisting of normal people (except they are agile and stronger than usual) then here come the God-like superhero with abilities such bending matter, make people blow their asses off, teleport to any point in the solar system, totally immortal and infinitely powerful - to join in the fight for justice among regular, weak, bleedable and breakable twits. I guess he's there to symbolize something. Ok, I'm not going to give a review of the movie. I should leave that task to the respective people who do reviews. I'll only say: its a good movie. The superhero theme is there just to attract people to watch it.

After the movie, spent time loitering around the mall. I remembered my mom kept telling me to go get myself a wrist watch. "Oh yeah", I said to myself. Its been like - what? - 3 or 4 years since I've worn one. My wrist watches have trouble lasting long enough for me. My last watch had its strap replaced 2 or 3 times. Its frame also had to be knock with a jeweler's hammer because it was bent slightly out of shape (it was steel!). My mom always told "What kind of man who does not wear a watch?" I dunno. A man who has a good sense of time and doesn't a piece of expensive ornamental instrument to prove it? You see, sunshine means morning. Sun on top of my head and its hot, means its afternoon. Sun fading away, its evening. When its dark, it means its already night. I'm good. Biological clock still ok. I know when I'm hungry, when I'm sleepy and when I should take a bath.

Ok, so I did get one anyway. Finally. A decent one. As I walked into the shop that sells watches (whats the name for it again?), I looked around and had a realization. I always had this bad impression of men who often bought expensive gifts for their women - as if they were trying to buy themselves to love. I realized that they (or just some) did so because they had this overflowing feeling of love inside them. Men just had to let those feelings show. Men are creatures who express themselves throught their actions rather than words. So, back to my quest of getting a wrist watch. I was taking a long time trying them on, comparing and deciding which one best fits me. Then the sales assistant came and said,

"Why don't you ask your friend if it looks good on you?"

So, I realized that it means "your self-image is determined by other people". I guess that's what fashion is all about. I rebel. I think this is one of the ideas that I have rebelling and running away from all this time - which was very difficult and almost impossible.


So that's it.

Here's another lesson: don't burden yourself with overanalysis. Its going to hinder you from actual progress and you're going to miss life's experiences.

I like this cover of one of Michael Buble's song.

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Amanda Christine Wong said...

i just have 2 things to say about dr manhattan. how come he could be so freaking buff when he regenerated? and two, why sometimes he wears underwear and sometimes he just goes commando? i cant sleep just thinking why..