Wednesday, March 25, 2009

To whom it may concern

I feel like writing beautiful words tonight. Need to get some things of my chest and I hope this small act of positivity may relieve the tension I had from this week's work and, hopefully, help put a smile on your face as well as mine.

Here goes,

To Whom It May Concern

That breathless charm.
The tenderness that shows
from the laugh that wrinkles your nose,
it tickles this foolish heart.
Never ever change.
Keep that breathless charm,
It makes one breathless and weak
for a brief moment.
willing able and ready
the next.
What lies would I tell,
when all I tell is the truth.
The need to be brave,
when beauty can be even seen by the blind.
They say
Its beautiful only after the acquaintance.
I say (as I stood on my ground)
Its beautiful on that very moment I saw.

If these words be lies,
Then let all the other words I say
be lies.

omething didn't sound right. I might have figured it out but I don't know how to make it better. Writing nice things is kinda hard when you're used to being a dick about everything.
Change should be gradual as well as consistent. What better time than now?

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