Monday, March 02, 2009


I don't really know but this must be how it feels to be a girl going through the golden time of the month.

I've been moody since last week. There's also a huge amount of rage going through I could beat the crap out of the next asshole who looks at me funny. Evidently, I've been biting heads of the guys at home all week long (most of the time, they deserve it. No worries there).

I can't help it. This anger. Its very consuming. Hope its just a phase and pray it will pass.

I am angry.

I am very angry.


misterTAJ? said...

you might wanna be patient :)

hurting others will somehow hurt you bebeh :)

i've been in that phase... almost every month (i dont know why tho)

anyway :) cheers!

Zen said...

im trying to be patient at the moment.

thx for the advice.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

a dude!

everglide said...

lek ko ah jen..

Lachesis said...

I wouldnt say its actually PMSing. Morely manic depression. Men are likely to experience depression at some stage of their lives.


wah playang keyboard ka tu? Memang musim emo ba ni.

sy pun mo playang mouse, blh ka tu?