Thursday, November 06, 2008

Unless there's milk and cookies....or a copy of Fallout 3...

Yes, I'm being immature. (Hah! Got you first!)

Its seems that everyone is rooting for Obama, somehow it made me feel obliged to hop on the bandwagon and chant his name all the way back to Papar. Giddy-up! It is clearly obvious that I'm not interested with this whole wagon thing.

Let me make this clear: I'm not in anyway against Barack Hussein Obama II. I have no reason to resent him. He does a have a good history and comes from a good background (unlike that other guy, who currently sitting in the White joint). He has been contributing a lot when he was a Senate in Illnois. Ok, here's a list of some of his achievements:

  1. Graduated out of Harvard Law School and taught Constitutional Law in Chicago Law School. (He was a qualified educator, not like some nitwit I know who went AWOL for national service.)
  2. Helped created legislation for electoral fraud (which involves some nitwit), nuclear terrorism, care for returned troops and climate change (?).
  3. He was one of the senates who opposed the policies proposed in the Iraqi War by the Bush Administration (yea, i know. The "B" word is offensive to some), in which he spoke of changing the government's social and economic priorities.
  4. For nature conservationists, enthusiasts and environmentalists out there, its my pleasure to tell you that Obama voted in favor of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

Yea he seems like a good guy. I congratulate the Americans for their choice. I think its better than having some unqualified nitwits performing undeserving jobs running the White House. It looks like im rooting for this Obama dude....well, seems like I have to. Or I don't.

All I'm hoping is, them literally being one of the biggest superpowers on the planet, he could ease the global economic strain. Heck, even oil prices is causing a goddamn ruckus here. And thats just one vital economic resource. We're not even touching on inflation, food prices, trade flow (whatever that is) and other stuff. Unless these things happen soon, I think I'm not really excited about the dude.

"Yes, we can."

Oh, yes you fucking can!

p/s: At least he's far more intelligent and charismatic than the previous sad excuse for a monkey.


Hafriz said...

Dammit, that Fallout 3 in your title brought me here. lol

pnnz said...

u said something about the global economy...

a friend of mine once asked me..

the whole world is in recession (almost),
the whole world announced that the whole world's in recession,
then why don't the whole world just announce that the whole world isn't in recession,
then the whole world wouldn't be in recession????

i dunno how this is related to your post. but we both end up experiencing a 'silent contemplative moment' together which is VERY RARE

Zen said...

hah gotcha hafriz! Follow the carroT!

Well, puteri, I wouldnt say the world is in recession. People just say that for the added drama. its in our heads.

Its all about the drama, man.

theroyalcrapster said...

well. i got ya, didnt i? hehe. good for u! hopefully he wont mess up. but even if he didnt, i think biden might (with his big mouth and all) haha

Zen said...

dammit! I was easily swayed.

Elvie DeChantal said...

He's a CHANGE. and people need a change. I'm not with him or against him. He just happens to be there at the right time. Again, my POV =)

theroyalcrapster said...

he is change, personified!

noor sahara alishar said...

I think that's how you win the votes.

1. You have to graduate from Harvard and not necessarily teach Constitutional Law.

2. You have to create nuclear terrorism, care for returned troops and climate change legislations (!).

3. You have to oppose the policies proposed in the Iraqi War by the Bush Administration.

theroyalcrapster said...

or you can just be a black man who can speak!

noor sahara alishar said...

or, just a little bit smarter than George Bush.

anyways, I am dumb, and you need to know you are one to think you are one.

I think I am.

Zen said...

or, be someone who knows what he's talking about (unlike Bush's - "fool me twice shame on me" jokes).

there's a difference in being inexplicably dumb and just plain slow.

If u think you are, you must be in between.