Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Politically [insert adjective here]

Its funny you can hear to the darndest things while talking to complete strangers on the net. One night when I was playing Team Fortress 2 on a local server, a bunch of local players were talking on the voice chat, were like:

(I could not remember the actual specific detail, but this is the rough account of the experience)

After failing to capture the objective for 10 mins.......

Agent K: C'mon la guys. Lets go. No man's an island.

Neverwish: Yeah, no man's an island. Actually, a man is a country.

Agent K: Like Singapore.

Me: Is Singapore an island?

Neverwish: Yeah, Singapore is an island............

Neverwish: no, actually, its a big nipple out in the sea. A big red nipple. Its a big red pinched nipple.

Me: LOL!

Agent K: Whose nipple is it?

Neverwish: Malaysians.........

and then they went on blasting each other and make fun of the Russian players.......

Its funny how these people can give politically witty comments while playing something that is least educational. They were funny and I enjoyed playing with them. I could care less about whats going on with that Obama shit and stuff.

p/s: boy those russians have bad ping. And they dont talk much too.

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