Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cramping some Style

To me, playing DoTA is like being a social smoker.

When I'm by myself I don't actually play the game. But when friends come to the house, of course, I'll play by request. To honor the guest they say.

I have nothing against the game, even though it causes a 50 sen price hike on most cybercafes around KK, other games are often given a pass - leaving servers empty and why not many would want to play COD4 with you because they're so busy buffing up "characters" until they forget what we are playing for > pure exhilarating social fun. Yeah, you'll see them rebuke their friends at the smallest folly for making them miss a kill. Cussing seems mandatory.

As a gamer, I'm quite versatile and flexible. I can play most games from diverse genres, "specializing" (ed - "konon") in FPSes, RTS and stuff with shooting and blowing things up. Like TF2 or COD4.

So, I'm up for invites to anything you could throw at me. Just give me time to practice because I want to know what I'm playing - all to make the social experience smooth without any dragging people down or the likes of it.

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