Monday, September 22, 2008

Huzen the Super Pyro

It was a well wasted weekend. I spent most of the time playing Team Fortress 2. I've been playing so much that I can hardly get it out of my head. It rings in my head when I'm idle, see them in my sleep and suspiciously suspecting a spy to be in every corner. I have accumulated a large amount of steam for the past few weeks. Conveniently, the game helps me blow a portion of the steam away. There was a lot of excitement playing around local public servers.

I've been playing between two servers: Starhub (based in Singapore) and Boleh VPN All-Talk (Malaysian). It was a distinct experience playing between the two. Players at Starhub are the usual players. Skilled and very competetive. The work well with others and they are the usual ethical bunch. Playing at VPN is another story.

I was in second place. One of my best runs. Me team-player.

VPN players are, let's say, lively. I think its because this is the only server that allows All-Talk (it allows to voice chat). First of all, they are very skilled - reminds me the first time i played the game and I played in this server. Second, the guys playing in this server are a funny bunch. Most of the time I played, I'll hear some funny tidbits from the voice chat. How one of them squeal like a little girl in a desperate attempt to escape from being pummeled or burned to death. And then there's the occasional "Owh my gog!". "You don't mess with NyamO (nyamuk i guess). Also, I find it amusing to hear their running commentary while playing the game. From time to time, they also provide advice to me. Seeing im a such a noob, one will lead me by being a medic behind me and signal for an uber when necessary. Its quite fun playing with these guys, fun with all the jokes and being creative in our tactics (or just plain stupid).

Pushing the cart. With a taunt.

Team Fortress 2 is a great game but the real fun lies in the people you play with. Its not all about the skills but its how you play the game that adds the colour. Yeah, I do enjoy a competetive game from time to time but its rather enjoyable to be playing with your own set of fun rules and have evrybody follow suit - ( there was once when the whole server of 20 people played melee - no weapons - just because I requested it. We were punching, batting, axing our brains out.)

I just torched a spy.

Monday's here. Back to earth and to the usual, again. OMG. A 4-page Literature Review due Tuesday and I barely started. What do I do?!

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The Caped Crusader said...

I've been refraining from logging into steam for weeks...