Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chart Topping

I have yet bested myself this semester. I have an accumulated 8 hours of class which I skipped so far. My best run so far. Here's how it sums up:

1. Reading = 3 hrs
2. Creative = 3 hrs
3. Curriculum = 1 hrs
4. Research = 1 hrs

Last semester, I did 4 hours. In my 3rd semester, I did 1 hour (it was phonetics). i dont know if that's worth mentioning.

I don't how long I'm gonna keep topping myself. "WHERE IS THE ROOF ON THIS THING?"


Jazze_Blair said...

Envy you. I only manage to skip one so far.

Zen said...

Envy you also. You managed to keep damages at a minimum.

quexerra said...

doesnt matter if got roof or not. huzen will climb up the chimney.

Zen said...

...and he will get stuck in the middle of the chimney...

Im gonna go for a jog dis weekend.

Dedz, thx for the heads up.