Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Last Dinosaur 2

I don't have the slightest ideas why is this video called "the last dinosaur" (probably dude's with the skillz have extinct?). Its just amazing that i had to post it. Credits to the author of this video for the high quality cinematography and cool techno music. A tribute to a classic tournament.

According to Williams and Moran (1989):

" Skills are abilities which has been automaticized and operates largely subconcious..."

What you're going to see in this video are people who are skillful in their trade. Like superskillful. Most of the footage has been set to slow-mo so we can see whats going on and what technique is being used. These players have amazing reflex and a quick mind. Everything happens in a rush where the players demonstrate their ability of decision making at blinding speeds.

The real difference between ordinary gamers and the pro-gamers does not lie in their accuracy and speed: its how much you know about the game and how creative you are in unleashing the unexpected.

Seriously, using concussion grenades to get in to capture a flag and get out........how come i didn't think of that?!!!!

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