Saturday, September 13, 2008

Is it a virus? Or just plain funny?

Computer viruses can be the source of grievances for many. It is treated with contempt and often with extreme prejudice (extreme prejudice through the numerous time re-formats and the paranoid of plugging your USB drive into someone else's computer).

Then again, I found some viruses can be quite amusing. Recently, a virus made its way through in Najib's laptop. It could be serious, it could be annoying and most of all, it can be funny. Yeah, you read it right. FUNNY.

I'm not sure if the virus tampers with files but it does something hilarious. Everytime Najib wants to point the mouse cursor over to his My Computer icon on the desktop, the icon moved. Yes, it moves away. No, let's say, it evaded the cursor. Like an inch away. Najib again tries to point - thinking he might clicked by mistake - and it evaded him again. LOL!

The funniest part is when it quickly turns into a cat-and-mouse chase trying to click the icon (well, a mouse-and-icon chase actually). It was really funny and we spent minutes laughing as we tried to chase the icon across the screen. I was like:

"Jib, kalau ko dapat detect tu virus jangan dulu ko delete ah. Saya mo save dalam pendrive. Siuk tu".

I was wondering if I could plant a few in computers in our classroom. It could be good for a few laughs. Imagine when someone wants to do presentation, with the LCD on, frantically chasing icons. Lecturers are possible victims too.

Then again, its still a computer virus. At the time writing this, we still have not identified the virus and its actual behaviour also still unknown.

Hope Najib tells me before deleting. It could be a good keep. I used to have an old pendrive where I keep a sample of Brontok.wmmd and some other virus i cant remember.


when a dork speaks... said...


first time dgr virus mcm tu. lol :D

and zen, you kept a sample of Brontok in your old pendrive? masih ada lagi kah?

The Caped Crusader said...

Mouse and icon! lol

Elvie DeChantal said...

I thought I had it once back in kk. Not sure what it was, but sure it's plain annoying for me.

Zen said...


yea, i did keep one. In my 128mb pendrive. I'm gonna check if i hv brought it with me.


*cue "Flight of the Bumblebee"*