Sunday, June 14, 2009

an update

Been offline for a few weeks there. Figure I was busy this holiday. So much for my holiday plans. A lot has been going on ever since I arrived home. I barely forgot what I wanted to do on my holiday. At least, before I go for my practicum this July.

Let's see. I'm caught with my home "duties" (chores, but I prefer to call that way). Had to eliminate weaver ants colonies (a post on that later).Working my late grandfather's house, got a close call with a scorpion (also later with that). Weddings. Family issues, some of my relatives are idiots and I'm not kidding about that one. And a bigger issue, imagine finding out one of your close relatives have been arrested because he was suspected to be the ringleader of an illegal syndicate (they're all illegal, right?) for, let's say, grand motorcycle theft. And I'm just saying. Plus, i'm seriously low on money and I can't get a job because I havent and didnt look for any.

The more reason to just keep myself locked in my room.

Here's a video of a wedding of a relative whom I've never met my entire life (surprising he knew me). Its like going to a cultural dance show. It reminds me that I belong to an ethnic group. Honestly, I thought I don't belong to any. I started to think that I'm ethnicless....I'd love that.

Btw, the theme colour of night was Blue. Even the colour of drinks was blue.

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