Sunday, June 14, 2009

Down range

An improvised target. Air rifle, using .177 (4.5 mm) pellets. rifle not mine. Single pump action (chamber single pellet, pump for optimum pressure, lock, aim and fire. Entire action will take less than 20 secs if you're good enough.

Shots like these doesn't mean you suck. It just means you're consistent and accurate, if not precise. Everytime you load and pump, you leave your sights and then you just had to realign your eye to the iron sights. Those sights needs some tweaking.

Here's me attempting to do a Nut'n'fancy review, and i sucked. Nut'n'fancy did some excellent civilian tactical firearm reviews. Visit (and subscribe) his youtube channel here

Generation Kill is showing on Cinemax. I'm gonna wait for the full DVD set by the end of the season.


Hafriz said...

Does it have those crazy recoils too? Looks cool.

Zen said...

good news. It runs on pressurized gas, which you manually pump every time you shoot. So, recoil is practically zero.