Saturday, June 27, 2009

health related paranoia

H1N1 is all over the news. Like, everyday. Schools in Klang are closed. There's an increase in local transmission cases. Times like this, you just can't take chances.

I have been coughing for more than a month now. Even before I left Shah Alam. Worried, I went for a check-up. Well, two check-ups, exactly. the first doctor told me it was allergy I opted for an antibiotic shot. Problem not solved. The second doctor revealed that my tonsil was riddled with scars from previous infections and was surprised to why I haven't been operated to remove the dangling lump of skin. The truth, that wasn't the problem. The cough was caused by something inside the nasal cavity. Whew. That's reassuring.

Fears aside, the ministry is planning their move in this English campaign thing. More hours dedicated to the subject (extended teaching hours to teachers, something like that) and considerations to hire foreign teachers. Can this be good? We'll just have to wait and see.

Also, MJ has recently passed away. Frankly, he's hugely misunderstood. Poor dude.


Anonymous said...

I truly agree with your statement.

He's just a real life Peter Pan who lives on a real life Neverland.

And now we'll never get to see him again..


Zen said...

seems like the only way to solve his problems.