Wednesday, July 28, 2010

an update: the island

yes, now im teaching on an island. sounds like im making a big deal out of it. probably i am. the island is pretty nice. the seaside is scenic and beautiful. its an hour ferry ride from the mainland, far far towards the ocean (no way you can swim back, smaller boats are in a hell of a ride if the weather's shitty.

the people's nice. the students still have respect for teachers. the principal is stern (really really stern) but he's a nice guy underneath. so, the people, in a nutshell, are okay. I have a lot of complaints but hey, i should learn to count my blessings because some of my friends are having it way way shittier. hell, what proof of a man i have if i cant overcome these challenges.

so, im gonna cut my complaints short. we're having problems regarding getting a place to stay. as of right now we are staying in the principal's home. ooh, staying with the boss. there are some suggested places: one is at reasonable price with 4 rooms but, there is catch, it is haunted. many have tried and left. so, i'll take their word for it: respect the locals and the environment you live in. one is on the seaside. during the monsoon it will be flooded by high rising seawater.

ok, thats it for now. To everyone this may concern, I kinda miss you all and I sometimes love you all.

I got a long day tomorrow. see ya.

p/s: i'll post some pics of the island the next chance i get on FB.


sara alishar said...

Where is this irwan huzen matusin? Miss you too...

Zen said...

yeah, i miss u too. i'm now teaching in Pulau Banggi. Its north of Kudat.

btw, I saw you not long ago (like, last month) at 1B. I'd say hi but you look awful and awfully exhausted. you ok?

sara alishar said...

Hi, I was sick. I even collapsed in front of my house one time. But I'm much better now. I think I went to watch movie with my little cousin n brothers. Cause I only went to one b once. You shouldve just said hi.