Tuesday, July 20, 2010

before the jump

Marina Court and Promenade Apartments is a swell place to stay in. The rooms are sweet. the bathrooms are superstandard. Dinner in Promenade. Promenade is not the best in terms of its hotel rooms but the food is legendary across KK. We are totally spoiled.


I've read of situations like this in a book once. A regiment of 101st Airborne troopers was fed spaghetti and ice cream the afternoon before they went for a mass jump near St. Mere Eglise for Operation Market Garden. Many, I mean MANY, did not make it through the night jump. Many were mowed down as they land on the ground. Some even died before they hit the ground. Some did not even make it out of the plane.

Analogies. I hope where they're sendng me is not half as bad as I worry them to be.


Eric G said...

i hope im one of those who survived.

Zen said...

Like the man Bear Grylls say:

"Improvise, Adapt, Overcome - British Marines".

Lets see if thats easy to do.

pnnz said...

it better be nice! some 80K was spent on it...thats wht i heard anyway ;-)

and im a bit jealous here. i was supposed to be briefed at empress hotel, sepang but they cancelled it and asked us to meet at klia at 5 am in the morning, can u believe it??! so pilih kasih.

that was my 1st clue that shows how primary school teachers are considered substandard in the eyes of the govt&society