Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mind your step please. Please ah.

Its a lesson I've learned so many many times before. Yet, it still happens. damn!

I walked into my first class of the day they were all nice and quite so, with a posture like no other, said:

"OKAY STUDENTS! Before we start, I'd like you clear your table and...."

Then, all of them looked at me. I was like "wah so good. i got their attention and stuff...". one of them raised her hand and said:

"Eh, cikgu..."


"(half-whispering) kami ujian ni sekarang..."


Ujian Setara 2 rupanya. That was very rude of me. Malu nak MAMPOS! Kalau mau, lama sudah aku bergolek-golek di lantai kerana ingin menahan malu tahap blackbelt. Excited punya pasal.

Pengajaran di sini?

"Lain kali tengok jadual betul-betul. Orang putih cakap: read instructions carefully."


Amanda Christine Wong said...


Dierdre said...

Hehehe! Sorry.. but this is kinda funny. Well, at least they have that incident to remember you by.