Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lets take a moment to...

In a few days,
I'll be entering a place where the expectations are high
A place where slobs like me feel so out of place.
A place where I will be tested,

I'll be the Iceman,
the assertive,
the efficient,
the smiling,
the hardworking
the obliging.

The five years spent
bottles up
like a bubbling champagne
waiting to pop
the cork
into the unsuspecting eye.

This is going to be that
EPIC moment
when we will
make or break,
rise and fall.

The nerves? Its there.
Excited? Its only a step forward into the future.
More than excited,
I'm anticipating...

...and stuff right?.

"Remember that fame is nothing but loving someone, and fortune is nothing more than loving what you do".
- Gypsy MC, Mraz.