Thursday, May 07, 2009

Old times

Insatiable by Darren Hayes.

For old times sake, I've uploaded the song on the sidebar. It reminds me a lot of being in school. Used to sing this when we took our baths around the water tank behind the school hall. If I'm not mistaken, Avril had her famous debut with Skaterboy at that time.

It was pathetic trying to sing this because I was an octave short but I sang anyway. Hey, it was "bath time". You just had to sing.


Hafriz said...

Uh her famous debut was Complicated. Just sayin. :)

Btw, I liked this song too back then, loved the crazy falsettos Mr Hayes did.

Zen said...

uh, yeah. Complicated. I stand corrected. How did I ever forget?

yeah, felt really sexy singing it.

noor sahara alishar said...

I hate you. It tickles.