Tuesday, May 12, 2009

good news bad news screw this

Got word from our good ol' trusty Cohort 3 insider, Aimi, regarding details of our upcoming practicum. Word has it that I will be teaching in SM Convent St. Francis KK. Which is good news. First, it happens to be very close to IPGaya. I could walk there or get myself a bicycle and a raincoat, just in case. I probably don't have to borrow my mom's car, saves me a lot of trouble. Second, I could apply for the hostel in IPG. So, I have a place to stay. For RM 90 a month. Third, its an ALL-GIRL school. Yay!.....im not sure if this is good news or bad news. We'll see how this turns out. And my designated partner is of course Mdm. Khairiah Tadin - meaning that I can't fool around next semester with a big sister watching over me *sigh*. But that's a +1 in the team factor. YAY!!!

However, based on the approved calendar, our pre-practicum will start on 6th July and practicum commences on the 13th - a month later than the guys at Shah Alam will be going. So, lessee, I have another month to spare. Gosh, I think I should start working. Y'know, for money. Getting paid to do something. I've been giving people tech support for free all this time because I think I don't have the necessary qualifications and because of the average 60 percent success rate of my services. I'll think of something. Or I'll put my semi-awesome language skills to good use. Probably.

On a side note, I think I'm trouble. Not really the deep shit kinda stuff. We should avoid getting into trouble, but then again, you'd ask "why not?". I should start listening to people more - given that I'm a bad listener. A stubborn lil' prick I am. So, I think I'm gonna laugh this one off my mind. It was on basis of spontaneity. I should celebrate for being so free-spirited. WTH.

Internet connection is acting like biscuits and is it me? Or this house is turning into a sauna?

I hate sweating in bed. It leaves those organic salt residue on your pillows and bedsheet., like the one you get when you salivate profusely in your sleep. I'm a malaysian but I never got used to the warm all-year long summer climate.

"My entire life seems to have been dedicated to searching for the ultimate simplicity. So far, all I have is this kind of elegant messiness. I have a deep feeling that the overall picture would not be as beautiful as it seems. So....WTH."
- Zen, 2008


Jessica_Lyne said...

Oh, they gonna LOVE you! hahaha

♥ Aisyah Sinclair ♥ said...

wow. all-girls school! :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

wah, u guys have a pre-practical..damn...make sure ur slacks aint too tight...

liau said...

ba jen, lets form a 3gp organization.

noor sahara alishar said...

It a bad news my dear friend. Who obviously don't know how nasty they are?

Zen said...


im sure they will. In a good way I hope.


all-girls woo! because i've never been in one (obviously).


arent we supposed to have them? Yeah, i'm very much aware of my manliness. Especially in the morning. thx for reminding me.

liau @ mr. G (?)

buleh baaa. ko jd pelakon la.


ok. now i'm scared. thanks for the warning. but being there could be a chance for understanding one of the mysterious entities of the universe.

pnnz said...

convent??? hah.... i pity u