Saturday, December 06, 2008

whoops!.....ohai everyone!

Its been quite a day.

First, I made a dumb mistake. We were supposed to have a small reunion today but I had mistaken the time for 10 a.m. It was actually at 10 p.m. So, it was embarassing really.
However, Sahara was kind enough to invite me to lunch (a free lunch!) that afternoon with her siblings and cousins. And I did bought her a drink, desperately trying to compensate for my idiocy.

I had so much to apologize for. I apologize for not reading messages carefully. I apologize for the awkward lunch because I had so little to say. I havent contacted any friends from the old days for quite some time. I apologize for the inability to be friendlier with your siblings and cousins.

Next time, I'd really have to pay attention to txt messages.

On a lighter note, the package I ordered came few days ago. I have my own copy of Left 4 Dead. Two free mousepads, and I didnt even pre-ordered.

It came as a surprise. I was worried when my parcel came in thin. I thought only the mousepads had made through the rough cargo trip. In fact, it was a gimmick. The game contents were packed in an envelope like one of those huge Laserdiscs (y'know. the CDs with the size of dinner plates...) It is poster-sized huge with the title embossed in shiny laminate.

Now, lets go to the pressing matters. My financial forecasts: I am going to be broke in January due to my indiscriminate spending. A copy of Left 4 Dead, plane tickets, new guitar strings, a capo (what do I need that for?) and other stuff. There's the bills, rent and other expenditures I have to take care of at the beginning of January. Not to mention being one week late for class.

Damn. Always read thoroughly. Especially the fine prints.


Hafriz said...

How's L4D?

By the way, may i know your specs?

Zen said...

well, its ok. You have to play with people and have mic headsets to go along with.I wouldnt recommend if you're planning to spend ur money on something truly precious. Go for fallout 3.

The trouble its hard to pick a server cuz the game sets the appropriate server for you.

My laptop goes:

AMD Turion X2 1.6 Ghz
1.5 Gb ram
256 Mb Geforce Go 6150
Hard Drive of 160 Gb 7200rpm

Did I mention my mouse? hehehehe....

BTW, i had to use dxlvl 81 to play the game at acceptable framerates.

Zen said...

oh, also average framerate at low detail with dxlevel 81 is at 15-25 fps.

Which kinda sucked.

Anonymous said...

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