Thursday, December 18, 2008


If I had a piece of land and a large sum of money,

I would build a training ground.

Training terrorists. I foresee a huge demand for martyrs.

Business will be good.

Oh, the results are in? I checked. Its neither up nor down. Its there where I like it. I dont care. Its a pass. Thats all that matters now. What? I cant hear you. You're


Hafriz said...

Mesti gempak result ni. Ciss.

wA said...

training ground? oh no. (:

how's CNI?

Zen said...


It was average.


CNI got B+ la. Sgt amazing memandangkan aku fail test dn x hadir micro 2 kali.


wA said...

that's nice to hear. by the way, what classes u're in?

Zen said...

Am in B, mostly, and C, for some.