Saturday, June 21, 2008


I've just thought of a new term recently. Its called "Flirtmates".

Flirtmates are like sex buddies, with the sex part left out. Lets say, a lighter version of sex buddies. Flirtmates are, like, people who exchange flirty words and gestures with each other without any intent of sex or love. Flirtmates may also go out on a "innocent" date - having fun, laughing, eating out and stuff. Flirting with the opposite sex is an expression of joy and excitement.

Flirtmates could also be considered as a commitment-free flirting. Touch and go, Fire and Forget.

Lets be "Flirtmates".


Amanda said...

Brilliant! See, reading about this new coinage, make me feel less like a slut. *sigh*, we need to campaign this new social activity. Life would be less...complicated.

Zen said...

Demoted from slut to plain sleazy, huh?

You better be glad there's no sex involved in its definition. If not, we'll have a lot of moral issues to deal with. As long no emotional ties involved, which can turn things hairy. I think a campaign could definitely work here.

p/s: hey, i think i actually contributed something to society here. YAY!

w A said...


Elvie DeChantal said...

Yay! u coined a new word! hehe. and hey, it sounds cute and practical *grin*